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Public Policy: Get Involved

District to D.C. Advocacy Network

The District to D.C. Advocacy Network harnesses the power of the Forum network and its nearly 100 philanthropy-serving organization (PSOs) members, creating an active culture of sector public policy engagement from coast to coast. 

The Network makes this possible by mobilizing and engaging thousands of PSO professionals, foundation leaders, and sector advocates on public policy issues in a coordinated and collaborative fashion.

With a focus on strengthening the sector’s ability to participate in the advocacy process, the District to D.C. Advocacy Network seeks to amplify philanthropy’s voice on Capitol Hill, in district offices, and state capitols across the country, addressing and supporting the needs of the sector and communities we serve.

How it Works

Collectively, PSOs can provide expertise to elected officials and staff, using our voice and influence to promote a strong sector and advocate for vibrant, equitable communities.

The District to D.C. Advocacy Network provides various touchpoints of engagement for PSOs and the broader philanthropic sector. This unique setup allows for a consistent, concerted, and active approach to the advocacy process, making the Forum the leading advocate for the sector.

This type of engagement encompasses the following:

  • Building capacity for PSO professionals to remain engaged and informed.
  • Preparing PSOs, foundation leaders, and sector advocates to be able to participate in the advocacy process.
  • Developing a collective voice at the state, regional, and national levels.

Network Resources + Activities 

The Forum's District to D.C. Advocacy Network empowers PSOs and their members to be the premier advocates on behalf of the philanthropic sector.

By providing regularly updated materials, collaboration opportunities, and engagement activities, the Advocacy Network helps to cultivate and normalize advocacy for PSOs and the broader sector. This includes:

  • Monthly virtual gatherings designed for PSOs to collaborate on advocacy strategies at the federal and state levels.
  • Access to advocacy resources and materials made specifically for PSOs, foundation leaders, and sector advocates.
  • Bi-Weekly Public Policy Updates from the Forum public policy team.
  • Up-to-date briefing materials on top legislative priorities.
  • Opportunities to meet with elected officials.
  • Exclusive access to policy related programming and events, like Foundations on the Hill and the Philanthropy and Policy Institute.

Other Ways to Engage for PSO Members 

  • The Public Policy Peer Community offers regular programming dedicated to advocacy and public policy, providing learning opportunities for PSO members. Additionally, it houses the District to D.C. Advocacy network listserv for members to exchange ideas.
  • The Public Policy Committee is made up of CEOs and public policy leaders from across the Forum Network, including some Forum Board members. The committee meets regularly to inform our public policy process, while developing recommendations for public policy strategies including proposed policy positions and taking action on policy issues.

To learn more about the District to D.C. Advocacy Program, please contact Matthew L. Evans, Forum Senior Director of Public Policy.