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Public Policy: Get Involved

District to D.C. Advocacy Network

The District to D.C. Advocacy Program is dedicated to empowering the philanthropic sector to impact practical public policy solutions that catalyze a just and equitable society where all can participate and prosper.

The Network harnesses the power of the Forum's more than 90 member organizations by creating an active culture of public policy engagement from coast to coast, mobilizing hundreds of sector leaders advocates in a collaborative fashion.

With a focus on strengthening the sector’s ability to participate in the advocacy process, the District to D.C. Advocacy Network seeks to amplify philanthropy’s voice on Capitol Hill and in state houses, addressing and supporting the needs of communities across the country.

Public Policy Peer Community

The Public Policy Peer Community offers learning opportunities for members, while providing a network for members to share, discuss, and implement best practices of government affairs work at various levels of engagement.

The Peer Community meets regularly throughout the year, hosts periodic public policy programming for members, and has an active listserv for members to exchange ideas and coordinate about public policy issues they're working on.

Policy + Advocacy Liaisons

Another important aspect of the Forum District to D.C. Advocacy Network is the role of Policy + Advocacy Liaisons. Policy + Advocacy Liaisons serve as the primary public policy contact for Forum member PSOs. The Liaisons play an integral role in keeping their members and foundation leaders about the public policy work of the Forum and mobilizing during calls to action. 

Liaisons also work with Forum staff to coordinate outreach to Congressional offices, both in-district and in Washington, D.C.

To find out more about the Peer Community or Liaisons, please contact Nate Borek, Sr. Public Policy Associate.

Public Policy Committee

In addition to the Advocacy Network, an integral part of the Forum’s public policy work is the Public Policy Committee. The Public Policy Committee is made up of public policy leaders from across our membership including Forum Board members.

The committee meets regularly to inform our public policy process, while developing recommendations for public policy strategies including proposed policy positions and taking action on policy issues.

Additionally, the committee works with staff to set bi-annual public policy principles, identify legislative priorities and foster member engagement in advocacy. The public policy committee meets regularly throughout the year. 

To learn more about the committee, please contact Matthew L. Evans, Sr. Director of Public Policy.