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Benefits of Forum Membership

Being a member of the Forum provides philanthropy infrastructure access to networking and community-building, PSO-specific professional and leadership development, network-wide information sharing, a collective voice for the sector, and more.

Membership Benefits

Networking and Community Building

The Forum network and its participants are a vital component of the success of the Forum. We provide spaces for the staff and CEOs of PSOs to connect and learn from peers throughout the year. 

This includes active listservs and regular calls throughout the year via our Peer Communities. As needed, we also hold space for members to connect on timely issues and trends.

Use our searchable membership directory to find other PSOs and contacts to connect with and the Forum team is also available to help recommend others with similar interests or job functions.

Why you should join

Get needed support for your work

The Forum is the only organization focused on providing services to support and advance the work of all philanthropy infrastructure organizations.

Have a stronger collective voice

The Forum is the only organization focused on providing a strong voice for the value and important role of philanthropy’s infrastructure.

Work better together

The Forum’s network allows PSOs to work together in a more strategic, comprehensive and systematic way, resulting in less duplication, more collaboration and greater efficiencies in philanthropy’s infrastructure.

Build stronger relationships with your peers

The Forum is the place where staff and CEOs of PSOs can network with all of their colleagues in a dynamic, collaborative learning environment.

By joining the Forum network,

You’ll be part of shaping the network to best meet your
organization’s needs and interests.

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