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Our Work

United Philanthropy Forum is the largest network serving philanthropy in America. We focus on helping PSOs be as efficient and effective as possible in their individual and collective work to advance, inform and support philanthropy.

The Forum has a strong track record of collectively convening and supporting philanthropy-serving organizations to advance the effectiveness of their philanthropy members in various ways. We have Four Pillars to our work


A photo of participants at the 2024 CEO Winter Gathering

Public Policy

United Philanthropy Forum influences public policy to create a more supportive environment for philanthropy to flourish and to advocate for the policy issues and causes that are important to the Forum’s members.

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Philanthropic Practice

We work with PSOs to develop and implement strategies that leverage the full knowledge and skills within our network to develop high-quality education opportunities to advance philanthropic practice that can be delivered by our members throughout the network in a consistent and efficient way.

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Racial Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

United Philanthropy Forum’s key strategic priorities include a focus on advancing racial equity, diversity and inclusion in philanthropy. The Forum envisions a courageous philanthropic sector that catalyzes a just and equitable society where all can participate and prosper.

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Knowledge Services

United Philanthropy Forum’s Knowledge Management Collaborative is both a transformational technology service and an invaluable peer-learning community. 38 philanthropy-serving organizations have joined forces to create, maintain and continually improve our industry-leading technology platform powered by Salesforce and Drupal.

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