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Peer Communities

Public Policy Peer Community

An extension of the Forum's District to D.C. Advocacy Network, the Public Policy Peer Community offers regular programming dedicated to advocacy and public policy, providing learning opportunities for PSO members. Additionally, it houses the Public Policy Listserv for members to exchange ideas.

Membership of this Peer Community includes:

  • Opportunities to take advantage of exclusive policy resources, learn together with fellow PSO leaders, staff, foundation members, and sector advocates, and bolster the policy and advocacy capacity of the Forum network.

  • Engaging webinars, workshops, and virtual discussions featuring guest policy experts, in-depth policy discussions, and capacity-building activities.

  • In-person meetings at the Forum’s annual conference as well as early access to the details of Foundations on the Hill and the Philanthropy + Policy Institute.

  • Public policy town hall events to address timely policy issues, inform members about fast-moving policy changes, and/or initiate calls to action.

  • Access to the public policy listserv for easily sharing information and updates with sector leaders and advocates. Forum members who have joined this community may use the policy listserv at

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