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Drupal 7 Users Guide

June 2019

The Drupal 7 Users Guide is a 40-page document that provides a high-level overview of the Forum's Drupal distribution and a comprehensive guide on how KM Partners use Drupal to manage their websites. This document is available for Drupal-Salesforce KM Partners to take a copy of and maintain specifically for their organization. In other words, this document is just the start, not the end-all-be-all, of your organization’s Drupal documentation.

United Philanthropy Forum

Affiliation Terms Feature Overview

January 2019

Overview and instructions for the Affiliations Terms functionality of the Forum's Salesforce package that improves the Drupal integration and keeps a history of a Contact's affiliation with an organization or group/committee.

United Philanthropy Forum

Email to Engagement (E2E) Overview

January 2017

Releases notes and instructions for using the Email-to-Engagement (E2E) functionality that is a part of the Forum's Salesforce Package automatically creates member engagement records through email.

United Philanthropy Forum

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