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Sector Letter Expresses Concerns to House Ways and Means

May 2024

This week, United Philanthropy Forum joined partner organizations in sending a letter to the leaders of the House Ways and Means Committee expressing concerns about the potential impact recently introduced bills could have on the charitable sector.

Update on the 118th Congress' Nonprofit Oversight Activity

May 2024

While this has been a historically unproductive Congress with the fewest bills being signed into law in decades, there has been oversight activity and marker bills being introduced that could fundamentally impact the philanthropic and charitable sector if passed.

Philanthropy Day of Action - Charitable Act Engagement Toolkit

September 2023

United Philanthropy Forum’s Charitable Act Engagement Toolkit is designed to assist member-PSOs with the promotion of the Philanthropy Day of Action and to guide PSOs and their members’ advocacy efforts on October 4th in support of the Charitable Act.

Philanthropy Day of Action Resources

September 2023

United Philanthropy Forum's Philanthropy Day of Action Resources page includes important links, social media graphics, logos, and other resources for member-PSOs to use in promoting the October 4th Day of Action for the Charitable Act to their foundation members. It also includes graphics for advocating on the Day of Action to post online and ask Members of Congress to co-sponsor the Charitable Act, or thank them for their support.

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