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One of the most powerful benefits of Forum membership is access to our Peer Communities, listservs and other learning communities. This how-to will cover how you can:

  • Sign-up for a Peer Community or listserv

  • Overview of Peer Community page

  • Use "My Dashboard" to find which communities you are a part of

  • Finding related resources, events and recordings

Peer Community & Listserv Pages

Our Networks

All of our Peer Communities and listservs are available under "Membership" via Our Networks. Each group has its own landing page with information about how to join, what's included, a group roster and related events and resources (if any are available).

Open up the group's detail page to dig into what that community has to offer!

Sign up for a Peer Community or Listserv

  1. Open up the group's dedicated webpage (use the Our Networks page for the full listing)
  2. Click on the "Join the Group" link in the green box underneath the group's description.
  3. Confirm by clicking the "Join Group" button.


Manage Your Groups & Find Related Content

Manage Your Groups via My Dashboard

Once logged into the website, you'll have access to My Dashboard - your personalized portal to your Forum membership. Don't miss the website how-to about all you can do with your dashboard.

Go to "My Groups/Committees" in the dashboard menu and you'll see a list of all the networks and committees you are already a member of. You can click on the group's name or the "View" button to be taken directly to that group's webpage. If you don't see this option in the menu, you haven't yet joined a listserv or peer community.

Find Related Peer Community Content

  • Each Peer Community's webpage will list related events (upcoming and past) and resources. You can use the "View..." links to open up pre-filtered lists of similar content.
  • Use the filters available on the Event Calendar to find upcoming events to register for or switch to Past Events to find recordings and resources from previous programming.
  • Go to Our Videos to filter a search recordings from previous Peer Community programming
  • Use the taxonomy tags of "__ Peer Community" to find similar content


Video Overviews

Closed captioning on this video is available in English. To turn on captioning, please mouse over the video player and click on the "CC" icon. Select "English (auto-generated) CC" (screenshot available).

Group Pages and How to Sign-up

Manage Your Groups & Find Related Content

Further Website How-Tos

Don't miss our collection of how-to instructions and video overviews to help orient you to the United Philanthropy Forum website.

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