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ValuesAdvisor, a fiscally sponsored project of RSF Social Finance, has a proprietary online, searchable database of values-oriented investment advisors, who have been suggested by other trusted affinity groups. The platform offers a simple and dynamic interface that allows investors to filter advisor information on data points such as minimum account size, amount of values-aligned AUM, impact themes, service offerings, asset classes, diversity, and other key information. Each advisor’s profile also includes answers to qualitative questions designed to gauge their commitment to a range of values. Note: the platform does not collect or sell user data and is committed to preserving the anonymity of the asset owners using the platform.

As a member of United Philanthropy Forum, you have free access to the ValuesAdvisor platform.

The Forum has partnered with ValuesAdvisor, a nonprofit database with information about financial advisors who have been recommended by investors for their ability to implement a mission related investment strategy. Forum Members (and their Members) have access to ValuesAdvisor at no cost.

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