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These are the notes and recording from the 2021 Virtual KM Users Group Requirements Gathering session.

About this session

Does your team have awesome ideas for customizations, new features, or tactful improvements to your Drupal website or Salesforce instance? Do you struggle to get from concept to reality when your colleagues ask you to implement these ideas? This session provides guidance on useful questions to ask. Requirements gathering, or the process of generating a list of functional/system/technical requirements from various stakeholders, is a key part of our work as Admins.

Session recording

Closed captioning on this video is available in English. To turn on captioning, please mouse over the video player and click on the "CC" icon. Select "English (auto-generated) CC" (screenshot available).

Session resources

Specific resources shared related to this session may be found in the Session Notes file below.

About Users Group

Users Group is an annual gathering for current KM Partner staff, of all skill levels who manage, administer, or use a component of the Drupal-Salesforce Platform, to collaborate and learn together.

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