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Ahead of the 2024 election, United Philanthropy Forum partnered with Nonprofit VOTE on the newest edition of the Philanthropy for Voter Engagement Toolkit.

Launched last November, the toolkit is intended to help foundations across the country explore ways to support nonprofit voter and community engagement. The release was featured at a Forum briefing that included presentations about the toolkit’s tips, best practices, and case studies.

Philanthropy’s Role in Building an Inclusive and Equitable Democracy

Foundations and nonprofits have a vital role to play in building a more inclusive and equitable democracy. Nonprofit VOTE’s new toolkit offers specific examples and answers questions about ways private and community foundations can support and bolster voter engagement in their communities.

As the importance of democracy and civic engagement cannot be understated, the Forum encourages PSO members to share the toolkit and briefing recording with their foundation networks. 

Download the Philanthropy for Voter Engagement Toolkit

Watch the Forum + Nonprofit VOTE Toolkit Briefing

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