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Rebuilding a website takes substantial planning, execution, and staff time. This document includes the key areas of information for preparing, designing, implementing and launching your Drupal website as a member of the KM Collaborative. Thank you to the three KM Partners who served as pilots for our new collective Drupal distribution: SoCal Grantmakers, Council of Michigan Foundations, and Philanthropy Ohio! This guide draws on their strategy, expertise, and experience. We also want to thank the next group of KM Partners and their staff who launched their new websites on the collective Drupal distribution - Minnesota Council on Foundations, Northern California Grantmakers, Grantmakers in Aging, and United Philanthropy Forum.


Review the Getting Ready for Drupal 10 Guide below to learn more about Project Management, Timeframe, Budget, Accessibility, Design, Content Audit, Development, Content Migration/Creation, and Testing, Launch, Management, and Ongoing Support.

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