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LOCUS Impact Investing - Transfer of Wealth

Are you and your members ready for the Golden Age? With the $9 trillion in wealth transferring between generations in the next 10 years, America’s charitable organizations are at the heart of a golden opportunity. The Forum has partnered with LOCUS Impact Investing to offer Forum members the chance to understand the unique opportunities available to them by providing valuable research on their local Transfer of Wealth™. Transfer of Wealth™ refers to the assets – homes, businesses, investments – that will transfer from one generation to the next. In the field of community philanthropy, the actual moment of transfer represents an opportunity for someone, upon their death, to give back to their community and create a lasting community impact.

In 2018, the Chronicle of Philanthropy published LOCUS’s updated national study of the Transfer of Wealth. This multi-part series demonstrates TOW to be a dynamic tool that provides community foundations with the data to drive donor development strategy. The United Philanthropy Forum and LOCUS wish to proactively bring this empowering local research to PSOs and their members. Forum members who commission a TOW study will receive prioritized, discounted services including local assessments on the Transfer of Wealth as well as customized consulting services on capturing the local Transfer of Wealth to better support endowment building and local impact investing.

Interested in measuring, capturing and investing your local Transfer of Wealth? Commission a Transfer of Wealth study with LOCUS and receive discounted research services to include local assessments and customized consulting.

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