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Knowledge Management Collaborative Support Options

One of the greatest strengths of the KM Collaborative is the strong learning community that helps the Forum team answer questions, provide insight and make suggestions. From newbies to power users, all KM Partners are encouraged to participate in the community and take advantage of the expertise and PSO experience unique to our network. KM Partners are encouraged to reach out for help through any of the channels that make sense for their use cases and learning styles.

Support from the KM Community

KM Office Hours

Office Hours are held bi-weekly on Wednesdays every month (with a few bonus calls sprinkled throughout the year). We offer a “programmed” call each month where we explore a learning topic together and an “Open Floor” call where everyone is welcome to bring their questions. Platform updates, knowledge sharing, and community building are all crucial aspects of Office Hours.

The programmed calls feature knowledge sharing from the Forum, KM Partners and our Collaborative vendors. Not all calls will be recorded - when there are demos or screenshares, we will record the call and add it to the website.

All KM Key Contacts (those who lead KM work for their respective organization) plus any other staff at KM Partner organizations who are interested, can attend Office Hours. If you are a KM Partner and need to be added to Office Hours calls, please contact the Knowledge Services Team at

KM Office Hours Resources

KM Slack Workspace

The KM Collaborative Slack Workspace is a space for channel-based peer communication. You can use Slack to:

  • Search for answers to your questions
  • Follow up on a message thread where a similar issue was solved
  • Ask questions about the Forum’s Drupal Distribution and Salesforce Package
  • Continue discussions started during Office Hours
  • Respond to requests for feedback and recommendations from your peers
  • React with an emoji to acknowledge a message and boost support

If you are a KM Partner and have questions about the KM Slack Workspace, please contact the Knowledge Services Team at

Support from the Forum

KM Consulting Services

Some KM Partners may require hands-on assistance with data migration, configuration, custom training, launch assistance, etc. The Forum staff provides these services for an hourly fee* through Consulting Services. Consulting Services projects estimated for 5 hours or less do not require a signed contract with a KM Partner; while not requiring a signed agreement, these hours are still billable.

Any Consulting Services request requires a minimum advance notice of two weeks, preferably longer. We will make every effort to accommodate rushed requests, but we cannot guarantee it.

Consultations with the Forum staff are common, non-billable, and encouraged. Feel free to book a consultation by contacting the Knowledge Services Team at

KM Consulting Services Support Options

*All support options are provided by Forum’s staff under Consulting Services at an hourly rate of $115 in 2024.

KM Support Request Form

The KM Support Request Form is available to all KM Partners to:

  • Report an issue on your website or in your database
  • Request assistance with an error message or troubleshooting
  • Submit requirements for a new feature or functionality

KM Support Request Form

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