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Power - the capacity to produce change - exists in many forms within our ecosystem. It characterizes all aspects of the philanthropic sector. We exercise power every day in our individual and collective roles within philanthropy. Every decision - from how we manage assets to how we engage with communities to what value we place on different forms of knowledge and expertise - presents an opportunity to either perpetuate old patterns or to courageously forge new and more equitable ones.

We, as a philanthropic community, acknowledge our past and present complicity in structures that have historically hoarded power. During our in-person Annual Meeting - on the theme of Power With: Building a Shared Future -we invite our community to reimagine our shared future through the lens of power:

  • In what ways do we name and make visible the various forms of power in philanthropy, in our roles, our institutions, and across networks?
  • What does it look like, in day-to-day practice, to negotiate the power imbalances that define philanthropy's work?
  • What does it look like for the philanthropic sector to build power with communities and their nonprofit and funder partners?
  • What becomes possible when we cede power?

True transformation can only be achieved in partnership and in relationship with communities. Envision the breakthroughs possible when we redistribute or willingly relinquish control.

Join the Philanthropy New York community in person for a day of learning and reflection. Prepare to connect deeply with your sector colleagues through peer exchanges, artistic expressions, and inspirational PhilTalks from practitioners who are shifting their practice. Together, we will embark on a day of discovery, dialogue, and the shared goal of transforming power for the love of humanity.

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