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Social Justice


Responsive Philanthropy Special Issue on Implicit Bias in Philanthropy

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A special issue of Responsive Philanthropy devoted to what philanthropy can do to combat implicit bias, or the way in which our unconscious minds shape and contribute to our thoughts and actions. A diverse roster of authors explores how this phenomenon both affects the many challenges we as a society face and its implications for how philanthropy addresses these issues.


A Time for Action: Mobilizing Philanthropic Support for Boys and Young Men of Color

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Released in June 2014, this report lays out a vision and a bold plan of action to maximize the potential of philanthropy and the private sector to increase opportunity for boys and young men of color that benefits the entire country.


Real Results: Why Strategic Philanthropy is Social Justice Philanthropy

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NCRP reports that the current practice of strategic philanthropy typically favors short-term metrics, is largely disconnected from grantees and the communities these nonprofits serve, and usually lacks authentic feedback to inform the strategies. Unless grantmakers explicitly address the needs of underserved communities and invest in policy and community engagement – strategies long practiced by social justice philanthropists – they are unlikely to achieve their goals.

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Recent Releases from the Field: May Part 2

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Check out the latest releases from around the nonprofit sector featuring releases from Grantmakers in the Arts, Catalyst Fund for Nonprofits, Bridgespan, International Human Rights Funders Group, Ariadna, European Foundation Center, Bay Area Justice Funders Group, Minnesota Council on Foundations, and Urban Institute.