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Private Foundations


Foundation Source 2015 Annual Report on Private Foundations

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The 86,000 private foundations with less than $50 million in assets account for 98% of all foundations in the United States; however, data about this “super majority” is scant because most private foundation research looks only at the wealthiest 2% of grantmaking philanthropies.

Foundation Source’s 2015 Annual Report on Private Foundations provides a first look into the 2014 investment and grantmaking performance of private foundations with less than $50 million in assets. It is based on the actual transactions of 769...

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New Releases Roundup: December 2020

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A Closer Look at Foundation Administrative Expenses

Amid the growing public scrutiny of philanthropy in recent years, legislators, the media and the general public are taking a closer look at foundations’ administrative expenses. This article offers some guidance to help foundations manage, benchmark and report their administrative expenses in ways that can effectively demonstrate and ensure they are spending their dollars wisely to fulfill the public trust.