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Web 2.0 Programs & Speaker Suggestions

Publication date: 
April, 2009

Several members of the Conference of Southwest Foundations Annual Conference Program Committee are working to identify speakers qualified to lead a session discussing Web 2.0 and its applicability to foundations. We’re envisioning an introduction to the tools which comprise Web 2.0 followed by a “what can it do for you and/or your grantees?” conversation. Have any of you hosted educational seminars on this topic and, if so, would you share with me the names of exemplary speakers we might consider?

~Dawn Townsend, Conference of Southwest Foundations


Washington Grantmakers

Here’s a post with the names of the presenters at our recent Web 2.0 event:

Marc or Gavin would both be good bets. They led much of the conversation at our event.

Philanthropy New York

We haven’t used her here for workshops yet, but I know that Farra Trompeter at Big Duck is very knowledgeable about Web 2.0 for nonprofits and has conducted many seminars and workshops on the topic. Sarah Durham, Principal at Big Duck would also be a great speaker. Either they can help you or they can recommend someone who might be good, if you’re still looking. Here’s her info:

Farra Trompeter

VP, Client Relationships and Strategy

Big Duck – Smart Communications for Nonprofits

45 Main Street, Suite 1036

Brooklyn, NY 11201

(718) 237-9551 x14

Northern California Grantmakers

  • Lucy Bernholz is outstanding at this type of thing. NCG has a long history of doing programs with her. Here's her blog,
  • Allison Fine is a thought leader, perhaps good on a panel that combines theory and practice.
  • Mitch Kapor is a technologist and a philanthropist. Hear his latest talk with fellow members at our annual meeting in March (slightly different subject but you get a sense of his 20,000 foot approach)
  • Eugene Chan is also a brilliant technologist and grantmaker, formerly with ZeroDivide, now GrantsFire


And NCG staff has done similar presentations directly to our members. Let us know if you want our outlines and materials to adapt.

Northern California Grantmakers

In 2007, we did two programs for our members on Web 2.0 technology.

The first program was entitled: From Podcast to YouTube: Philanthropy, New Media, and Social Change. Here is the speaker and the link to the audio from that program:


The second program was entitled: Giving in the Connected Age. Here are the speakers and links to the audio from that program:


My memory is a little fuzzy, but I think Anil Dash was an engaging speaker, as was Allison Fine. Anil Dash focused seeing this new media as part of a continuum of tools that grantmakers already use. Allison focused on how grantmakers can use new media to further their missions and goals.

Diana Scearce and Phil Collis were members who explained how their foundations are using Web 2.0. Skoll produces mini films to get the word out about their grantees and the good work they're doing. Packard used a wiki to develop a project with experts in a specific field.

Also, last year in 2008 we did a program called Web & Where 2.0+ specifically for art funders about web technology. Here's a website with information about that program:

Southeastern Council of Foundations

The Knight Foundation is doing some leading edge stuff, they’ve developed a “garage” for grant seekers to help them collaborate and cooperate in order to develop better grant proposals. I understand it’s pretty successful. They had a couple of folks speak at the Communications Network conference in the fall and they were good. Kristen Taylor is who spoke about the garages, I would guess that you’d need to speak w/her boss, Marc Fest, the VP of Communications at

Links to their garages: