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Regional Giving Studies Resource Guide

Publication date: 
March, 2005
United Philanthropy Forum

Producing and using regional giving studies has become a key strategy of many regional associations of grantmakers to fulfill their missions and goals. If regional associations want to be recognized and respected as knowledge centers by their key stakeholders (members, the media, elected officials, nonprofits, donors, etc.), they will need to be able to provide a comprehensive picture of the breadth and depth of private charitable resources in their regions. At a minimum, a regional association needs to be able to paint a picture of the charitable activities of its members. At a maximum, the association should be able to describe the giving activities of a broad range of other philanthropic entities that contribute to the region’s quality of life.

United Philanthropy Forum has developed this Resource Guide to serve as a comprehensive source of practical information for regional associations of grantmakers on how to produce and use a regional giving study. The Guide includes recommendations from the Forum on how to develop studies that are as effective and useful as possible and that can allow for consistency from region to region. The Guide provides information that will be particularly useful to regional associations just starting to produce giving studies, but even organizations experienced at conducting studies should find some useful tips and guidance.
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