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Racial, Ethnic, and Tribal Philanthropy: A Scan of the Landscape

Publication date: 
November, 2006
Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers


Traditions of giving back, self-help, mutual assistance and philanthropy in Latino, Asian American, Native American, Arab American and African American communities are as old and deep as their presence on this soil. Today, increasing numbers of people of color, long stereotyped as receivers rather than givers, are finding innovative ways to leverage personal assets to benefit their communities. Economic and demographic trends have long pointed to the fact that the face of the country is changing. The face of philanthropy is changing right along with it.
It is our hope that this report conveys the important work underway throughout the U.S. to mobilize philanthropic resources in communities of color. This research highlights innovative strategies, extraordinary and passionate leaders, and organizations that are creating pathways to engage the resources of their community for their community.