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Plenary Session: Innovation Lab: Strategic Partnerships

Publication date: 
July, 2014
Plenary Session: Innovation Lab: Strategic Partnerships
Wednesday, July 30, 9-10:30 am
Presenter: Judy Issokson, Smallify
Ready for some fresh thinking related to strategic partnerships? Want to flex your innovation potential? All you need is a challenge worth the struggle and a willingness to experiment. Brought to you by SMALLIFY, a leader in rapid innovation and design thinking -- the Rapid Innovation Lab is a lively, active, and creative experience that will open our eyes to new ways of approaching stubborn challenges and to new tools to unleash innovation and balance risk. You will ‘smallify,’ flex your mindset, experience the power of ‘thinking wrong,’ and become a convert to the ‘yes, and’ mindset. Together, you will formulate a portfolio of ‘small bets’ – ingenious solutions to try when we get back to our home bases. The insights and inspirations ‘prototyped’ in the Lab will be shared with the group to inspire all of us to harness the untapped potential in our own communities and organizations.
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