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Opening: Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Publication date: 
October, 2019

Position: Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Organization: National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
Location: Washington, DC
Deadline: October 25

Organization Summary

NCRP promotes philanthropy that serves the public good, is responsive to people and communities with the least wealth and opportunity, and is held accountable to the highest standards of integrity and openness.

We envision a fair, just and democratic society in which the common good is recognized as a high priority; where a robust public sector is empowered to protect, preserve and extend the commonly held resources and the public interest; where a vital nonprofit sector provides voice and value to those most in need; where our society has equitable systems; and where all people enjoy equal justice, full inclusion and fair treatment.

We envision philanthropy at its best contributing to this vision of society by operating with the highest standards of integrity and openness, and by investing in people and communities with the least wealth, power and opportunity and in nonprofit organizations that engage, serve and represent them.

The organization was founded in 1976 and is part of a robust ecosystem of organizations that help foundations and high-net-worth donors make more of a difference in the world. NCRP has been growing steadily for the past 12 years. The annual budget for fiscal year 2020 is $2.8 million, and NCRP expects to continue to grow and to reach a $4 million annual budget by 2026. The organization currently employs 16 full-time staff plus several paid interns. It is governed by a board of directors comprised of leaders in social justice philanthropy and grassroots movements.

Position Description

The COO is responsible for ensuring NCRP has the right budget, the right operational systems, and the right people in the right roles to deliver on its mission. Major areas of responsibility include:

Lead financial management for the organization

  • Oversee the work of an outsourced accounting firm
  • Ensure accurate financial reporting internally and externally
  • Ensure timely payment of bills and payroll
  • Manage cash flow and reserve fund
  • Staff the finance and audit committees of the board
  • Lead the annual budgeting process
  • Lead the organization through its annual audit

Lead talent management and human resources for zathe organition

  • Ensure that we recruit, develop and retain the right talent to achieve our goals
  • Oversee a formal review process that promotes the development of staff skills and informs decisions about promotions and salary increases
  • Maintain an excellent benefits package for employees, maximizing value and minimizing costs
  • Listen to employee grievances and coach them into finding appropriate solutions that advance the interests of NCRP
  • Provide confidential advice to the President and CEO and all supervisors regarding personnel issues
  • Ensure compliance with relevant laws

Oversee all administrative functions of the organization

  • Supervise the IT Manager and ensure that the organization is using technology effectively to advance its goals
  • Ensure leases, licenses, permits, etc. are all up to date
  • Supervise staff and consultants for operations, financial administration, and human resources
  • Implement the recruitment, hiring and onboarding process for direct reports and consultants

Serve as a member of NCRP’s leadership team

  • Help shape NCRP’s strategic direction
  • Lead the planning and goal setting process for administrative, financial, and human resources work
  • Represent NCRP externally when appropriate

The COO will have the ability over time, within budgetary constraints, to shift the balance of vendors and employees meeting the admin, finance, HR and IT needs of the organization. Currently, finance and legal issues are outsourced, while HR, IT and admin are handled in-house.

The position is based in Washington, D.C. and the COO will work most days from NCRP’s offices at 1900 L Street NW, Washington, DC 20036.


  • Demonstrated commitment to social justice and clear alignment with the values and goals of NCRP
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in a relevant position
  • Strong knowledge of nonprofit accounting rules and procedures
  • Strong knowledge of best practices in human resources
  • High energy level, strong work ethic, and proactive problem solving skills
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to relate well to a variety of individuals and has a track record of being a team player
  • Ability to work collaboratively internally and externally
  • Ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment.
  • Ability to make important decisions in a fast-paced environment, both as an individual leader and in collaboration with key personnel and Board Members

Key to Success

  • Coaching orientation: You take the time to teach and offer useful and actionable feedback, make sure that people feel their efforts are appreciated, and expect that people will make mistakes and see those as opportunities for learning.
  • Organizational leadership: Lead by example by modeling a high bar for performance and being an exemplar of our values; operate with the best interests of the organization in mind, and not simply the best interests of your team.
  • Systems- and detail-oriented: You use systems and processes to bring order to a complex organization, all while ensuring accuracy in the details.
  • Sense of possibility: You maintain an optimistic outlook and always look for ways to make ideas work before assuming they won’t. You firmly believe that we can all do things we’ve never done before, and can stretch ourselves to achieve incredible results.
  • Ownership: You care deeply about getting results in your realm, and you proactively develop solutions to challenges and push to get past roadblocks, including paying attention to even small details, anticipating problems, offering creative solutions, driving work forward, and course-correcting when needed.


The position offers an annual base salary of $120,000 to $140,000 depending on experience. NCRP also offers a very generous benefits package.


To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume. The position will be filled as soon as the right candidate has been identified. 

NCRP is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages people of color, people with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ-identified candidates to apply. NCRP will provide, excepting any undue hardship, reasonable accommodations, on request, for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

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