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Opening: Substance Use Disorder Collaborative Coordinator

Publication date: 
January, 2020

Position: Substance Use Disorder Collaborative Coordinator
Organizations: The Sisters Health Foundation, United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley, Parkersburg Area Community Foundation and Bernard McDonough Foundation
Location: MOV Region 
Deadline: January 23 


A convener. A strategic thinker. An action-oriented, disciplined team player who wants to reduce the stigma and adverse impact associated with substance use disorder (SUD) for individuals and families in the Mid-Ohio Valley and its surrounding communities.

Does this sound like you? If so, you may be the candidate that the Sisters Health Foundation, United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley, Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, and The Bernard McDonough Foundation are seeking to create cross- sector partnerships and programs that address SUD community supports, treatment, and prevention as SUD Collaborative Coordinator.

Who's Right for the Role?

An individual who has:

  • The ability to convene individuals and organizations across sectors (e.g., government agencies, educational entities, non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, etc.).
  • Strategic thinking skills (e.g., identify gaps in current programs, consider all viable paths to address SUD, etc.)
  • An orientation to action that is demonstrated by the successful launch of programs and services in their prior roles.
  • Discipline to focus on quick-return activities along with efforts that may yield long-term results (e.g., prevention).

A successful SUD Collaborative Coordinator will have working knowledge of:

  • SUD and its effects on individuals, families, and communities
  • Best practices associated with cross-sector collaboration
  • Basic prevention, treatment, and community supports necessary to properly address SUD and its adverse impact
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Grant writing and management
  • Program and/or service development and evaluation The chosen candidate must have:
  • A bachelor’s degree in a related field (e.g., psychology, social work, public administration, etc.). A Master’s degree in a related field is preferred. Individuals with commensurate experience will be considered.
  • At least 3 years of work experience that feature the knowledge, skills, and abilities outlined above
  • Ability to work independently
  • Public relations and/or marketing skills
  • Organizational  skills
  • Interpersonal and group communication skills (both oral and written)


  • Identify program and/or service gaps in funder priority areas:
    • Supportive Community (e.g., transportation, employment, sober living, stigma reduction)
    • Treatment Network (i.e., collaborative programs among treatment providers)
    • Prevention (i.e., SAMHSA defines as “helping people develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to make good choices or change harmful behaviors”)
  • Work within existing coalitions, committees, etc. to support their programs and services (e.g., Wood County Prevention Coalition, Mid-Ohio Valley Re-entry Council, Washington County Behavioral Health Board, Roane County Coalition Against Substance Abuse) in the priority areas
  • Regularly convene and facilitate meetings among all necessary individuals, agencies, and/or organizations to address gaps in communication, programs, services, etc. within the priority areas
  • Create short-term and long-term strategies to address funder priority areas
  • Design, launch, and evaluate programs and services to address gaps in collaboration with lead individuals, agencies, and/or organizations
  • Ensure data collection and analysis and evidence-based practices guide the development of programs and services
  • Identify and track key data points related to programs and services launched with collaborative partners
  • Coordinate efforts to secure grant funds to support collaborative programs and services (e.g., research grants, identify partner agencies and organizations, write grants, etc.)
  • Communicate the outcomes and impact of programs and services through traditional media and social media
  • Provide regular progress updates to the funders

Interested in Applying?

By January 23, submit a letter of interest, resume, and three references to:

SUD Collaborative  c/o Ethos Leadership Group

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