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Opening: Grants & Contracts Administrator

Publication date: 
February, 2021

Position: Grants & Contracts Administrator
Organization: Raikes Foundation
Location: Seattle, Washington

Executive Summary

The Raikes Foundation, a leader in catalyzing systems-level change and influencing issues related to young people and impact-driven philanthropy, is seeking nominations and applications for a Grants & Contracts Administrator who will support the administration of grant and contract investments made by the Foundation. With professional roots in business and the tech industry and family roots in community and civic engagement, Tricia and Jeff Raikes’ values and commitment to improving community run deep. As they embarked on their own personal philanthropic journey, they were inspired by their three children and the belief that real change for the future rests with young people.

Reporting to the Grants Manager, the new Grants & Contracts Administrator will ensure that the Foundation’s grant-making and related processes, documents, reporting, budget management, data management systems and procedures are executed and managed efficiently, accurately and in compliance with regulatory and other requirements. S/He/They will build relationships with colleagues, grantees and partners that enrich and support the portfolio’s work, taking a proactive, service-oriented stance toward grantee engagement and adopting management practices that are reflective of the Foundation’s mission and desired community impact.

The ideal candidate will have experience organizing and directing grant administration processes that enhance and support the Foundation’s efforts. The new Grants & Contracts Administrator will have the ability to anticipate challenges, work independently, and effectively resolve potential issues through creative problem solving as well as a demonstrated ability to advise and support the development and management of Foundation budgets, pipelines, and forecasts. The ideal candidate will have a strong customer service orientation and the capacity to adapt processes to maximize the impact of the grantmaking portfolio. S/He/They will possess a high tolerance for ambiguity, the ability to adapt quickly to change, and a record of success in working effectively with persons from diverse cultural, social, and ethnic backgrounds. Experience in philanthropic or nonprofit administration is preferred.

This search is being conducted by Katherine Jacobs and Britni Russell Bianchi of NPAG. Application instructions can be found at the end of this document.

Organizational Overview

The Raikes Foundation is grounded by its commitments to racial equity and impactful philanthropy. Tricia and Jeff Raikes were inspired early on by the catalytic potential of investing in youth and youth-serving systems, and at the same time were excited about leveraging their resources and business acumen to support field alignment and innovation in philanthropy. In the first years of the Foundation’s work, the Raikes articulated the Foundation’s belief in the unlimited potential of young people and its commitment to work toward a just and inclusive society where all young people have the support they need to reach their full potential. This focus led to careful attention to the systemic barriers often impeding the potential of far too many, particularly low-income children and young people of color. The Foundation’s youth centered work in the education and youth homelessness fields focuses on eliminating these barriers and works to change systems that have traditionally been, and continue to be, inequitable.

The Foundation’s holistic, collaborative, and innovative approach to systems change is central in all its programs. The Foundation works to strengthen the philanthropic and non-profit sectors by engaging in research to better understand the barriers that donors face in giving with impact, developing and strengthening the field of donor support, and developing strategies and tools to increase effective giving. The Foundation’s team models its approach to impactful giving through investment in a range of youth systems. Their aspirations include a commitment to making youth and young adult homelessness a rare, brief, and one-time occurrence, and to ensuring classrooms enable all children to thrive.

Program and Services

Impact-Driven Philanthropy

Society has many pressing issues and causes that need to be addressed urgently with long-term solutions and philanthropic support. Over the next 50 years, donors will contribute nearly $20 trillion to nonprofit organizations, and yet high-quality resources offering proven tools and approaches to philanthropy are not easily accessible. This presents an enormous opportunity for those interested in innovation in philanthropy and social sector technologies to contribute to progress on pressing social issues, and to solve some of our greatest challenges. The Impact-Driven Philanthropy Initiative was created because Jeff and Tricia believe that the social sector can do more to help donors who want to give well. They seek to unlock knowledge about how to give with impact for donors who are hungry for opportunities to contribute to lasting, meaningful change. In the summer of 2017, the Raikes Foundation launched the Giving Compass, which aggregates the world’s best information to help donors hone in on strategies to give well. The Raikes Foundation is committed to modeling impactful philanthropy and much of its programming focuses on young people.


All young people should have access to rich, supportive, and challenging educational experiences that affirm who they are and prepare them to thrive as adults in family, community, and career. However, the education system today is a relic of another era. Race and class remain the most reliable predictors of students’ educational outcomes. The Raikes Foundation focuses on creating an education system that is responsive to the needs and experiences of all young people, particularly students of color and those from low-income backgrounds, and how the science of learning and development points the way. This research reinforces that while what students learning is important, the environment adults create to support them is essential to their success as adults. Investing in an equitable education system is one of the most important contributions to help create a more just and economically viable society.

Youth Homelessness

Every year more than 4.2 million young people, ages 13 to 25, experience homelessness in the United States. Overwhelmingly, they are youth of color and young people who identify as LGBTQ. The Foundation believes youth homelessness is solvable. As a society, there are missed opportunities through our public schools, child welfare, behavioral health, and juvenile justice systems to recognize the early warning signs of young people in crisis and connect them to supportive services in a faster, more integrated fashion. Communities can do more to create an effective crisis response system where youth homelessness can be a rare, brief, one-time occurrence. The Foundation offers support and works with others to support communities to better understand the needs of young people, more effectively align services, and offer innovative solutions.

The Grants & Contracts Administrators Opportunity

The new Grants & Contracts Administrator will support effective grantmaking at the Raikes Foundation in important ways. S/He/They will:

Execute Foundation Grant and Contract Transactions

In partnership with Program teams, the Grants & Contracts Administrator will provide administration and support for the grants and contract management process across the Foundation through all stages of an award lifecycle (proposal receipt, review, approval, activation, payment, reporting, close). S/He/They will maintain accurate grant- and contract-related electronic records and data in the Foundation’s grants management CRM system and ensure award due diligence processes meet Foundation and legal requirements (charitable status verification, authorized signers, contacts, payments, etc.). This position will also be responsible for preparing grant agreements, contracts, and amendments, and monitoring and managing timely and accurate processing of grant and invoice payments.

Support the Foundation’s Grant and Contract Management Function

The Grants & Contracts Administrator will support the Foundation staff on grants management strategies and approaches, design and deliver periodic internal and external data and reports to Foundation staff and Trustees, including providing reports internally and externally as needed (metrics, budgets, pipeline, annual 990, survey requests, etc.), and execute internal data integrity audits and resulting continual improvement of grants and contracts management processes (including creating and maintaining “how to” documents outlining specific processes) to ensure data integrity for grant and contract data. S/He/They will support Grant Operations and Data System team meetings comprised of grants staff, programmatic assistants, and executive support staff, including: scheduling, agenda development, and meeting coordination; process and data system alignment; cross-team learning opportunities. In partnership with operational and programmatic leadership, the Grants & Contracts Administrator will explore, recommend, and support the implementation and operationalization of equitable grantmaking processes and support the Foundation-wide grant and contract management learning opportunities for staff, including onboarding new staff and providing training on new systems and processes.

Maintain and Enhance Grant and Contract Management Systems’ Data, Automation, and Integration Capabilities

The Grants & Contracts Administrator will provide support in administering the Foundation’s CRM platform, continuously striving to improve staff experience and usability as well as efficient and accurate access to data and continuously improve grants and contract management system and related tools and apps (Conga, Docusign, etc.) to increase efficiencies, automation, capacity, and integration in response to evolving needs across the organization. S/He/They will partner with the Grants Manager and the Raikes’ family office (North Forty Group) on financial forecasts, cash management and financial reconciliation.

Provide Advice and Support for the Development andManagement of Foundation Budgets, Pipelines, and Forecasts

The Grants & Contracts Administrator will provide support for the Foundation’s annual budget development processes by working with the Grants Manager and Program teams to create workplans, develop budgets, and track pipelines. S/He/They will support the Foundation’s annual strategy review process, including template building, initial document drafts, and budget planning support.

Qualifications of the Ideal Candidate

While no one candidate will embody all the qualifications enumerated below, the ideal candidate will possess many of the following professional and personal abilities, attributes and experiences:

  • Internal and external customer service orientation.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Strong organizational and project management skills that reflect ability to perform and prioritize multiple tasks seamlessly, meeting deadlines through completion, and with excellent attention to detail.
  • Collaborative, creative, and innovative thinker who actively presents new opportunities, proposes solutions, and recommends best practices.
  • Ability to anticipate challenges, work independently, and effectively resolve potential issues through creative problem solving.
  • Ability to be flexible in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to develop rapport and engender trust, exhibiting exceptional relational skills.
  • Full engagement as part of a team working toward social justice and racial equity.
  • 3-5 years of applicable grant and contract administration experience.
  • Experience in Foundations, nonprofits, or the private sector preferred.
  • Advanced MS Office skills.
  • Familiarity with CRM or grants management system(s); advanced Salesforce skills preferred.

How to Apply

More information about the Raikes Foundation may be found at:

This search is being led by Katherine Jacobs and Britni Russell Bianchi of NPAG. Due to the pace of this search, candidates are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Candidates may submit their cover letter, outlining their interest and qualifications, along with their resume via NPAG’s candidate portal.

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