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Guidelines and Recommended Practices

Publication date: 
April, 2007

These Guidelines and Recommended Practices are an agreement between the Council, individual regional associations of grantmakers, and the Forum to created to foster collaborative opportunity and natural synergy of our institutions in advancing each other’s goals.

As between the Council and the Forum, these guidelines build on the more formal provisions of the Joint Resolution, the Sublease Agreement, and the Services Agreement that were all executed in December of 2008. They are intended to offer guidance and support for those agreements or to address issues not covered but are not intended to supersede anything covered in those agreements.
With respect to the Regional Associations, none of whom are parties to the three formal agreements, this document is intended to promote clear understanding of how we (The Forum, Council on Foundations and the individual Regional Associations) expect to interact with one another with respect to some specific events and to establish general principles from which to start when exploring new opportunities together.