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FOTH 2023 Logos & Brand Identity Guidelines

Publication date: 
December, 2022

United Philanthropy Forum Logos

Please note: Forum Members have permission to use our logos as outlined in this document. All others require expressed permission from Forum Team Member and detail on how any Forum Logo will be used.

Name use rules

  • The full organizational name is “United Philanthropy Forum.”
  • “Forum” as a standalone may be used on second reference and thereafter in publications, on social media and in
  • No acronym is ever acceptable in place of the name. (If UPF crops up in notes, minutes or shorthand, replace it with Forum; enlist support from board and)
  • Do not use “the” or “The” in front of United Philanthropy
Access Forum Logos and Branding Guide

FOTH 2023 Logos

Please follow these guidelines for Foundations on the Hill 2023 event logos:

  • Use the horizontal logo whenever possible for print, web and digital communications
  • Minimum size: 1¼" wide
  • Logos should be used against a white background whenever possible
  • The Seal logo (3) should be used for all official correspondences with appointed or elected officials and their staff as well as press releases.
  • Use the stacked logo when the horizontal logo would make image too small, particularly on social media sites that have square profile picture formats
Access FOTH 2023 logos
Access #FOTH2023 Social Media Kit


FOTH Partners 2023

Please note: Council of Foundations and Independent Sector are our national partners for FOTH 2023 and should be listed as such on all materials and correspondences.

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