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Forum Members Respond to Latest Calls for Racial Justice

The Forum and our members are responding to the latest murders of unarmed Black people in America by police and protests worldwide calling for racial justice, justice reform and police reform. Please email Brandon Iracks-Edelin to add additional statements or resources.

The Forum's Response:

Responses from Forum Members:

Resources from Forum Members

Way to Support the Black Community and Combat Racism

Arizona Grantmakers Forum
The recent incidents of racism, murder and police brutality, including the murder of George Floyd, have once again reminded us of the systemic racism that continues to plague America and Arizona. This page shares resources to combat racism. 

Communications Strategies Have Shifted During Pandemic but Often Don’t Address Racial Equity (Opinion)

Communications Network
Sean Gibbons, CEO of Communications Network co-authored an op-ed highlighting how the communications strategies have shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic but often leaves out the issue of racial equity in philanthropy. 

You do not need to be Black to know that Black Lives Matter.

Communications Network
Communications Network has compiled examples of foundation and nonprofit communications focused on the recent racial justice protests + why they think they’re effective + collaborative open-source resources that you are welcome to contribute to — or draw from.

Black Arts & Cultural Funding and Justice Resource Hub

Grantmakers in the Arts
Grantmakers in the Arts has created a page to call for increased investment of philanthropic, public, and corporate dollars in Black cultural communities.

Divest/Invest: Criminalization

Neighborhood Funders Group
Neighborhood Funders Group has created this toolkit for funders to on ways to divest this nation’s resources from criminalization and recommendation to do so.

"The Crisis of White Supremacy in America -What is Philanthropy's Role?"

Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia
Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia has shared a recording in which they discuss the crisis of white supremacy in America and the role philanthropy can take to address this crisis. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Philanthropy Ohio
Philanthropy Ohio has created a page with their member's statements on racial equity and external resources to address racial inequity. 

How to Become an Anti-Racist Multicultural Organization

Southern California Grantmakers
These visionary leaders discussed how philanthropy has fallen short in confronting its anti-Blackness and how we can re-examine our role in ending institutional and systemic racism. Their generative conversation provided us with the following concrete actions organizations can take to evaluate their internal practices and adopt anti-racist principles. 

"Fund Us Like You Want Us to Win": Actions Philanthropy Can Take to Support Black Communities and Black Leadership

Southern California Grantmakers
These visionary leaders discussed how philanthropy has fallen short in confronting its anti-Blackness and has disinvested in Black communities. To move forward, our panelists outlined the following concrete actions and investments the philanthropic sector can take to support Black organization and leadership as they mobilize to address this racial justice movement.   

Forum Members Engaged in Deep Racial Justice Work

Links to the websites of Forum members who have been historically engaged in deep work on racial equity and racial justice: