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Family Foundation Programming

We here at WRAG are beginning to think about our 2014 programming for family foundations. Two quick questions:
1. If you had to name the top 3 hot topics in the family philanthropy space right now, what would they be?
2. Have you heard any speakers lately that might be a good fit for this audience?
~Katy Moore, Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers
Donors Forum
I’d say governance, next generation participation and succession, and leveraging resources in collaboration with others. No specific recommendations on speakers.
Northern California Grantmakers
  1. How to effectively utilize technology
  2. How to have greater impact through collaboration
  3. How to deal with foundation transitions (great assets, bringing on younger members onto the board)
Connecticut Council for Philanthropy
Next Gen as always a hot issue.
Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers
If you haven’t done it yet 21/64 has its recent next generation research. I think the hot topic is community foundations swallowing family foundations into donor advised funds with less family admin work.
Associated Grant Makers
My colleague Mary Phillips at GMA Foundations has presented before on family foundation issues, with case studies or reports. I’ve seen her speak as well as present with some of her staff. GMA provides advisory services for foundations, complementing the work of our RA. She sometimes travels to DC. I reached out to her, and she said you could reach out to her if you are interested. 
Council of Michigan Foundations
We just completed out annual conference and had about 50 people in a session on how to read financial statements and 990’s of grantees. Many attendees were family foundations with no finance staff. We had one presenter from a public accounting firm and one from the Kellogg Foundation who looks at these reports for grantees.
Donors Forum of Wisconsin
A few that come to mind as somewhat common might be generational differences, governance concerns (discretionary grants for directors; non-family members as directors), and innovative ways to increase capacity (infrastructure, grantmaking). I’ve seen Tom Tierney appear as a keynote speaker for several programs and conferences which support that audience.
Indiana Philanthropy Alliance
  1. Impact of grant dollars
  2. Succession planning
  3. Staying true to original donors intent - Marissa and I recently heard Kerry Robinson of the Raskob Family Foundation based in New York City speak about the challenges and structure in place for the foundation to remain true to her great-grandparents wishes when they established the foundation. The Raskob family built the Empire State Bldg. with a focus of funding issues impacting the Catholic Church here and internationally.  She is a 4th generation member of the family and was highly engaging and articulate.  She was in town as a Fellow with the Lilly School of Philanthropy, Indiana University.