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Community Foundation Centennial

One hundred years ago, in 1914, Cleveland lawyer and banker Frederick H. Geoff established the first community foundation, giving rise to a new philanthropy, a new way of participating in community, and a new vision for the future.
As community foundations from coast to coast commemorate this centennial anniversary, regional associations have an opportunity to champion place-based philanthropy by celebrating their community foundation members.
These new materials use the occasion of the community foundation field’s 100th anniversary to promote the good work of your members—and your own—in a fresh, timely way.
The Centennial Portfolio is designed to help you generate awareness of, and interest in, your community foundation members by delivering powerful, time-tested messages, refreshed with new graphics and new expressions that are well-suited for sharing and social media. The Community Foundation Centennial Portfolio is sponsored through a joint partnership between the Council on Foundations and Michigan (Midwest) Community Foundations’ Ventures.
Other materials include a sample press release for regional associations to promote the community foundation centennial and impact of community foundations in your region, a visual handout for regional associations to customize on the impact of community foundations in your region, a sata table to be used for Projected Growth of an Endowed Fund Infographic, graphics to be customized by regional associations for social media, eblasts, print newsletters, websites, handouts, presentations, etc., and a customizable poster and infographic to be updated with state specific data.