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Breakout: Make Up with Evaluation through Intention, Inquiry and Information

Publication date: 
July, 2016

Presenter: Jara Dean-Coffey, Principal and Founder, jdcPartnerships

Do you have a lot of data but still cannot consistently, concisely and compellingly speak to what difference your organization makes? You are not alone. This interactive session will offer a reframe for this challenge.  Participants will work together using a simple tool to build out a set of key questions you want to be able to answer that speak to intention or desired impact. Existing data sources will then be mapped to those questions to better understand the degree to which your current efforts and/or opportunities can be maximized. You’ll leave the session with a working Inquiry Matrix and at least one next step to further your organization's ability to demonstrate, describe and document impact. 

To make the most of this session:

  • BYOD – Bring Your Own Device (laptop to be more specific)
  • Twinning it – attend with at least one other colleague from your organization
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