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8 Amazing Drupal Launches

Publication date: 
December, 2013
This report from Pantheon profiles 8 Amazing Drupal Launches, including the Forum's Drupal-Salesforce PlatformEver wonder why some Drupal sites launch on time--and others (60%) miss their targets? Thousands of developers and teams have actually figured this out. (And it has nothing to do with scope creep or stakeholders changing their minds.) The technology leads involved in 8 Amazing Drupal Launches pull back the curtain and show you how they were able to:
  • Design & build a mission-critical website in 2 months, start to finish
  • Transition, host, and support 2,000+ websites--without using Multisite
  • Launch 17 sites on a single distribution
  • Migrate 1,000,000 nodes from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7 with zero hiccups
  • Handle 100,000,000 page views on launch day
  • Manage 20+ branded sites with a true-cloud infrastructure
  • Move away from Amazon and old-fashioned-hosting-based headaches
  • Design an open-source platform to reach a worldwide user base