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2023 Racial Equity Case Stories

Publication date: 
November, 2023

To complement the learnings from the Racial Equity Organizational Self-Assessments, the Forum commissioned Community Centered Evaluation and Research (CCER) to uplift and share PSO members’ racial equity learning journeys through the development of in-depth case stories. The case stories capture the wide range of experiences of PSOs across varying geographic regions and organizational size and breadth of focus. Four Forum PSO member organizations reflected and shared their internal and external racial equity journeys through one-on-one, in-depth interviews conducted with various staff members. The PSO member organizations that participated in the 2023 case stories are Hispanics in Philanthropy, Northern California Grantmakers, PEAK Grantmaking, and Wisconsin Philanthropy Network.

We are pleased to share these four new case stories from our members about their racial equity work. In case you missed it, check out the 2020 series of Racial Equity Case Stories.

Case Story

Leading With Internal Equity: The Case Story of Hispanics in Philanthropy

The story of Hispanics in Philanthropy’s racial equity journey offers an example of prioritizing deep work within the organization. By strengthening equity internally, HIP seeks to live its values and build an organizational culture and practices that support and reflect its external equity work.

Read Hispanics in Philanthropy's Case Story

Case Story

A Strongly-Rooted Racial Equity Journey: The Case Story of Northern California Grantmakers

The story of Northern California Grantmakers’ racial equity journey provides a roadmap for setting racial equity as the ‘North Star’ and how to operationalize organization-wide racial equity practices.

Read Northern California Grantmakers' Case Story

Case Story

Pushing Toward Equity In Philanthropy: The Case Story of PEAK Grantmaking 

PEAK Grantmaking’s racial equity journey is a story of balancing broad efforts to advance equity across philanthropy with an internal equity journey. Interviews with seven insiders (leaders, staff, and board members) at PEAK shed light on how the organization is evolving, grappling with tensions, and seeking to live its values. 

Read PEAK Grantmaking's Case Story

Case Story

Seeding A Racial Equity Lens: The Case Story of Wisconsin Philanthropy Network

The story of Wisconsin Philanthropy Network’s racial equity journey highlights the importance of creating shared language and understanding to deepen Board and member engagement in advancing racial equity strategies.

Read Wisconsin Philanthropy Network's Case Story