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FPN's FOTH18 Toolkit

FPN's FOTH18 Toolkit prepares Florida Philanthropic Network members to educate on issues affecting Florida grantmakers; encourage Congress to view foundations as resources on key public policy issues; and connect with grantmakers from outside Florida and learn how they are approaching policy in their home states. FPN's FOTH18 Toolkit includes a one-pager and expanded sections like, Why are we here?Co-Investors in the Community (Key Issues) and Being Social at FOTH. The 2018 Toolkit also introduces FPN's Advocacy Libs – fill-in-the-blank templates to help craft messaging for elected officials on key issues!



Sample Foundation Investment Policy

This document states the investment policy of the Board of Directors (The “Board”) of the  (the “Foundation”). It applies to the Foundation’s professionally managed invested assets (the “Fund”) and to the spending rate for assets invested in the Fund.

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