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National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers

Cleveland, OH 44140
United States
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New Releases Roundup: November 2020

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New Releases Roundup: June/July 2019

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Giving Circles, Donor Networks and Democratizing Philanthropy

Join us to hear from leaders in the giving circle community, including consultants, network directors, and researchers to engage in lively discussion about the influence that giving circles are having in reshaping how we think about philanthropy.

Shifting to Trust-based Philanthropy: A Study in Change Management

In this dialogue session, we’ll explore why trust-based philanthropy is trending, the fundamental values and principles that undergird this approach, and the ways that well-intentioned efforts can fall short. In the context of multiple large system change efforts, we will examine the obstacles and potential solutions from concrete (and confidential) examples. This workshop is designed especially for consultants whose clients are actively supporting trust and equity based change in philanthropic institutions – we will draw from our collective experiences & learn together.

Effective Practices to Expand Native Representation in Philanthropy

To document and address these inequities, researchers at Melvin Consulting PPLC, First Nations Development Institute and Frontline Solutions analyzed philanthropic hiring practices, focusing on search firms, to learn more about why so few Native people are hired by private foundations. In their recent publication Searching for Inclusion in Philanthropy: A Guide to Equitable Practices in Foundation Hiring, the authors layout a pathway to equitable practices that philanthropic institutions take to be more inclusive of Native American candidates during their hiring processes.