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Program Peer Community

Philanthropy-serving organizations offer thousands of programs throughout the year for members, nonmembers, grantmakers, and nonprofits. These programs take many forms, from intimate brown bag lunches to elaborate annual conferences. As the hub of the network, the Forum has collected program agendas, ideas, notes, communications pieces, and more to help regional associations replicate successful programs and better serve their members.

Below you'll find some of the best practices and program ideas developed by PSOs through the years. If you have resources to share, please share them online or by emailing Courtney Moore.

Program Peer Community

The Program Peer Community is for those who are responsible for their PSO’s member programming, educations and partnerships.

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Jill Gordon, Council on Foundations

Jill Gordon is the Manager of Training. She joined the Council’s programs team after a decade serving foundations at the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance (IPA). In her previous role as Director of Learning, she developed a diverse offering of programs and events for IPA members, stakeholders, and partners.

Jill brings over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector with a strong focus on program and curriculum development, training facilitation, evaluation, and nonprofit management. She previously served as the Program Director for the Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana (YPII), providing resources and technical assistance to promote and support youth philanthropy. Passionate about lifelong learning, community collaboration, and empowering youth to make a difference, Jill’s career before IPA included several years in the museum field.

Jill is a lifelong Hoosier with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and master’s degree in Museum Studies and Non-Profit Management from Indiana University. She lives in Indianapolis with her creative husband, curious son, and nosey dog. In her off time, she enjoys travelling, taking long hikes, listening to audio books, and trying new recipes.  

Nancy Sanabria, Philanthropy Northwest

Nancy began her nonprofit career at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, which ignited her passion for working in the nonprofit sector. Her subsequent professional moves took her to Washington, D.C., Miami and Atlanta where she built her career focusing on programming and capacity building for youth-serving nonprofits. While she has managed federal programs, developed statewide initiatives and facilitated workshops, a favorite aspect of her work is building relationships. Nancy gets energized by meeting new people, listening to their challenges and helping them find solutions that both honor where they are and help them expand their experiences.

Though Nancy is originally a New Yorker, her parents are from the Caribbean island of Haiti. Immediately after graduating from college she spent six months working there to learn more about her family’s culture and about living in a developing country. That proved to be an enlightening immersion experience, with lessons that carry over to her work today.

Nancy is a graduate of Georgia State University and received a master’s degree in international development education from Florida International University. As transplants from Atlanta, Georgia, Nancy, her husband Rick and daughter Madison are enjoying exploring the Pacific Northwest!

By Foundation Type

Community Foundation Centennial
Resources for philanthropy-serving organizations and your members to promote the community foundation field's 100th anniversary.

Corporate Foundation Programming
Sample materials and event descriptions of programming for Corporate Foundations.

Family Foundation Programming
Sample materials and event descriptions of programming for Family Foundations.

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

During local and national emergencies, grantmakers provide substantial funding for short-term disaster relief and long-term recovery efforts. Here, you can find some practical tips and tools for your grantmaker members on:

  • disaster communications
  • disaster grantmaking
  • disaster preparedness
  • disaster relief
  • sample philanthropic responses

Center for Disaster Philanthropy
The Center for Disaster Philanthropy offers the tools, expert analysis, and advisory services to maximize the impact of dollars given for disaster preparedness, relief, and recovery.

Opportunities from the Unpredictable
From GrantCraft's Reflection on Practice Video Series, this video follows a team of international grant makers as they respond to a natural disaster, laying the groundwork for local cooperation. It looks at how grant makers can promote collaboration among local grantees — helping them build a common vision, address long-term recovery, and develop their own capacity to meet future challenges.

Arabella Advisory Disaster Response Resources
A collection of disaster response resources from Arabella Advisors.

Disaster Grantmaking: A Practical Guide for Foundations and Corporations
Foundations are becoming more active in disaster-related grantmaking. Find eight key principles of good disaster management and practical suggestions from the European Foundation Centre and the Council on Foundations.

Philanthropy News Digest: Disaster Relief 
Coverage of the philanthropy's response to major natural and manmade disasters as relief and recovery efforts unfold from Philanthropy News Digest.

Disaster Recovery Plans for Foundations
Sample disaster preparedness and recovery plans for foundations.

Conferences and Annual Meetings

Philanthropy-serving organizations regularly convene their members in-person for networking and knowledge exchange. Below are resources from PSO annual events and other conferences including agendas, invitations, and sponsorship packages.

Agendas and Brochures
Explore brochures and agendas from past conferences and annual meetings.

Conference Invitations
Invitations and promotional materials for annual meetings aimed at reaching members and prospective members.

Conference Sponsorship Packages
Review the different sponsorship opportunities offered to raise funds for their conferences and annual meetings. 

Programming for New Grantmakers

Many philanthropy-serving organizations offer a training program or series for philanthropy professionals who are new to the field or are looking to update their skills and knowledge.


Of course, no matter how good or poorly your program was recieved, you'll never know until you evaluate. Philanthropy-serving organizations regularly evaluate their programs big and small. Evaluation may be a small as a comment card left on the chairs in meeting room or as complex as an independent long term evaluation study.

PSOs can find samples and template from their colleagues for all types of evaluation tools by clicking through below.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programming

Serving diverse communities can be both a challenge and an opportunity for enrichment. Philanthropy-serving organizations encourage explorations of diversity in grantmaking, staffing, and representation. 

As PSOs share their best programs with the Forum, they can be replicated in other organizations across the country. 

Program Design

What process does your philanthropy-serving organization use to develop a program? How do you set goals and learning objectives? How do you share those with your program committees and speakers?
See examples from other PSOs on what they are using to guide this process.