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United Philanthropy Forum Remains Committed To Racial Equity

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

United Philanthropy Forum sees the start of the new year as an ideal opportunity to reaffirm our continued commitment to advancing racial equity in philanthropy. 

Advancing racial equity, diversity, and inclusion in philanthropy is a key pillar of work and core strategic priority at the Forum. We envision a courageous philanthropic sector that catalyzes a just and equitable society where all can participate and prosper. It is not possible for us to achieve this vision without addressing racial equity. Therefore, we fundamentally reject any attempt to distort, deliberately mischaracterize, or diminish the vital work underway in philanthropy to advance racial equity and racial justice.

We have released a statement, signed by many of our members, to express this continued commitment. We welcome Forum members to continue to add their names to this statement; there is no deadline. To add your name, please contact David Biemesderfer.