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Top Ten Philanthropy Resources: December

Friday, December 18, 2015

Our top ten philanthropy resources from around the sector for December. Click through for some great reads!

  1. Diversity at the Foundation: Important Enough to Measure (Glasspockets- Foundation Center)
    To further their commitment to diversity, The California Endowment created a diversity audit based to remain accountable for reflecting the communities they serve.
  2. Integrating Science and Policy: Exploring the Rita Allen Foundation (Council on Foundations)
    Elizabeth Christopherson, president of the Rita Allen Foundation, shares the value of investing in young scientists and entrepreneurs who will create new, better futures in their careers. 
  3. New Online Site to Function as a ‘Yelp’ for Grant Makers (Chronicle of Philanthropy) is a new innovative website where grant seekers, grantees, foundation employees, and others can come share their experiences working with foundations, providing first-hand information about working experiences.
  4. Philanthropy and the quest for Civic Competence (HistPhil)
  5. The recent Zuckerberg-Chan announcement created renewed buzz around the potentially powerful mega-philanthropy. Benjamin Soskis suggests looking back at philanthropic history, particularly when fear of the Rockefellers power was at its height, to guide our knowledge and decisions in the future.
  6. Philanthropy’s 2015 Buzzwords: From ‘Effective Altruism’ to ‘Worm Wars’ (Chronicle of Philanthropy) 
    These listed buzzwords for the year show the latest trends in philanthropy every professional in the field should be aware of, particularly preparing for a new year in the sector.
  7. A Program Officer’s Bookmarks: Blogs, Books, and More (Exponent Philanthropy)
    Jenna Wachtmann, a program officer with Ball Brothers Foundation, provides her go-to list of resources for new or experienced grantmakers.
  8. Taking Care of Business (in the Business of Taking Care) (Philanthropy New York)
    Chris Cardona from the Ford Foundation reflects on a recent panel that discussed the “Theory of the Foundation.” He gives 5 takeaways for foundations to consider regarding how they operate as a business.
  9. There Is a Reporter On The Phone – Top 10 Tips (Exponent Philanthropy)
    These 10 tips will help funders leverage relationships with the (often intimidating) traditional media.
  10. Time to Get Listening: Philanthropy Podcast Roundup (The Center for Effective Philanthropy
    The Center for Effective Philanthropy suggests 5 philanthropy-focused podcasts, with a few suggested episodes in each, if you’re looking for a good listen while making your holiday roadtrip.
  11. When a loved one dies: Dealing with family dynamics (National Center for Family Philanthropy)
    When a family member dies, particularly a matriarch or patriarch, it is especially challenging to bring a family together to talk about what to do with their remaining assets. Suzanne Hammer offers 6 suggestions for preparing for their death and the decisions to be made shortly following.