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Top Ten Association Management Resources: March part 1

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Our latest round up of all the best and latest association management resources including how to capture the energy of a new member, why strategic planning is still important, and the potential benefits of a producing an association podcast.

  1. 4 Ways to Capture the Energy of a New Member (MemberClicks)
    Callie Walker encourages associations to provide new members with opportunities to get involved, connect new members with their peers, develop a member-mentoring program, and check in with them to capitalize on new member energy. 
  2. 5 Words and Phrases that Can Transform Your Work Life (Fast Company)
    Michael Grothaus writes about the transformative power of language. Simple steps like replacing “help” – implying helplessness, with “assist” – implying we are capable actors in the equation, can drastically impact our mindsets and work environments.
  3. 36 Useful Apps & Online Tools for Nonprofits (Nonprofit Tech for Good)
    These free or low-cost apps can help nonprofits improve their web, email, or social media presence. 
  4. The Best Email Subject Lines? (Tips from the experts that have analyzed 138 million of them!) (Connectivity)
    Email subject lines can be a daunting task for those looking to maximize their open rate. Informz analyzed data from 138 million emails to provide these tips: get personal, make them laugh, and utilize “free” and “complimentary.”
  5. Both Sides of the Coin: What Millenials and Boomers Can Learn From Each Other In Your Association (The Portage Group)
    While millenials can show baby boomers the benefits of change, flexibility, and collaboration, baby boomers can show millenials the value of loyalty, patience, and story-telling. 
  6. How To Avoid Death By Webinar (MeetingsNet)
    While webinars are designed to change behavior of individuals far and wide geographically in a relatively inexpensive manner, they take out the personal connections often associated with in-person meetings and events. To ensure your webinar is successful in changing behaviors, Amy Osterholm and Karen Olivar Mariano provide 10 methods for engaging webinars. 
  7. Inspired by her upcoming session on interactive tech training, Beth Kanter organized her top posts into resource lists including program design, icebreakers and closers, learning styles, interactive exercises, and facilitation methods and techniques. 
  8. Amanda Kaiser tackles the infamous question: which members should we focus on? By serving current members, helping the best members, and thinking about how to be indispensable to those who get the most value, one takes care of the opposite side of the equation.
  9. Should Your Association Produce A Podcast? (Incline Marketing)
    Podcasts can potentially be a great way for an association to educate their members, give their members great content with ease, create an engaging and entertaining means of information transmission, and create revenue for the association. 
  10. Why Strategy Is Not Dead (INSEAD Knowledge)
    With the growing debate over whether or not strategy is necessary or even a waste of time in rapidly changing operating environments, Elisabet Lagerstedt, CEO and Executive Consultant at Inquentia Group, argues strategy is not dead simply because strategic approaches make sense to human beings. When done right, through tips she provides, strategic planning allows for individuals and the organization as a whole to stay actively engaged.