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Top Ten Association Management Resources: June part 2

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Our latest round up of all the best and latest association management resources including how to prepare first-time speakers, inclusiveness in hiring and contracting, and why your association should not give away content for free.

  1. First Time Speakers: How to Better Prepare Them (Associations Now)
    Just as we prepare first time attendees to get the most out of association events, first time speakers need the same attention to ensure quality content for members. Samantha Whitehorne gives three suggestions for effective first time speaker preperation. 
  2. How to Nail Your Association's Elevator Pitch (MemberClicks)
    Callie Walker gives easy-to-use do and don't lists and elevator pitch examples for association staff to craft effective, concise communication. 
  3. How'd the Board Meeting Go? Ask the New Board Members. (Associations Now)
    Avoid new board members feeling alientaed from a one-way-street board orientation. Take the time to ask about their first board meeting experience; it is an opportunity to learn from them as they have learned from you.  
  4. Nine Ways Your Nonprofit's Values Can Guide Your Marketing Communications (Nonprofit MarCommunity)
    Nathalie Noel gives nine ways to incorporate values into marketing communications, humanzing values rather than keeping them in a forgettable list. 
  5. Great Productivity Tools: Work Smarter, Not Harder (Associations Now)
    Feeling overwhelmed by a loaded inbox or demanding project? Katie Bascuas reviews the latest helpful apps in organizing your time and tasks. 
  6. Stop Wasting Energy - Deliver the Real Results of Leadership (Leadership Freak)
    "The real results of leadership are people and teams who live up to their potential." Dan Rockwell gives six measurable behaviors to deliver real leadership results.
  7. ABAG Strives to be Inclusve in Hiring and Contracting (Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers)
    Diversity and inclusion are more than the latest buzzwords; they must be backed by action. Elisabeth Hyleck outlines ABAG's inclusion policy and measurable actions taken to create a more inclusive organization. 
  8. Google prioritizes search results by fresh, keyword-focused content. This is one of the many reason to continue blogging, even with a growing number of platforms available to organizations. 
  9. 12 Easy Ways to Make Your Conference Stand Out (MemberClicks)
    Callie Walkers gives 12 suggestions, including organizing a welcome team and offering charging stations, to put your conference a notch above the rest. 
  10. Why Associations Shouldn't Be Giving Away All Their Content for Free (Socious)
    With advice on the matter conflicting, Julie Dietz take a stance against giving away free content. This includes devaluing your association and its members, missing out on revenue, and sabotaging organization dedication. 
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