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So You Want to Be a Philanthropist?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

So You Want to Be a Philanthropist is a comprehensive introduction into the world of family foundations. It asks revealing questions and provides a wealth of information about all aspects of practicing family philanthropy. The book, by Julia A. Kittross, founding CEO of Philanthropy Northwest, is designed as a tool to address those thinking about starting a family foundation or working to get an existing family foundation back on track.

Kittross, who since her time at PNW has gone on to helm the Laird Norton Family Foundation and then co-found the Philanthropy Sherpas consulting firm, provides step-by-step details of the decision-making process and the paperwork needed to create a family foundation. She also provides information based in her own experiences touching on grantmaking practices, giving strategies, communications, evaluation, and more.

"Finally! A succinct and engaging how-to-guide on philanthropy and authored by an expert who completely understands just waht an art chartiable giving really is," say Doug Bauer, Executive Director of the Clark Foundation. Virginia M. Esposito, president of the National Center for Family Philanthropy says, "Julia Kitross' So You Want to Be a Philanthropist offers a refreshingly common sense approach to organized giving. It's full of practical experience, direct language, and the wisdom born of years of hands-on experience. What an excellent resource for those considering or re-considering their philanthropic opportunities and options!"

Adding this book to your library will go a long way towards answering questions from your family foundation members and those looking to create family foundations.

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