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Report Benchmarks Forum Network's Progress and Challenges in Advancing Racial Equity

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

United Philanthropy Forum has released a new report, Journey Toward Racial Equity: Year 2, that benchmarks the progress and challenges of the Forum’s PSO members in their efforts to advance racial equity in philanthropy. The report helps shed light on the internal and external racial equity strategies being undertaken across the larger PSO field, and summarizes some of the key successes and challenges PSOs face in designing and implementing racial equity efforts for further reflection and action.

The report is based on the results of a Racial Equity Organizational Self-Assessment for PSOs that the Forum conducted with our members in 2022. The assessment helps Forum members to benchmark the progress they are making along their racial equity journeys, see how they are doing in comparison to their PSO peers, and provide a tool to help guide them in that work by capturing a snapshot of their internal and external racial equity efforts. The 2022 assessment was a follow-up to the inaugural Racial Equity Organizational Self-Assessment for PSOs that the Forum conducted in 2019. 

Written by some members of the Forum’s Racial Equity Committee together with Community Centered Evaluation & Research, the report can help inform the broader philanthropic sector about what is happening in the field to advance racial equity and what is needed to continue this vital work - especially in the current moment when we are facing new pushbacks to this work both within the sector and in the broader community.

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