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Highlights of This Edition

  • Forum + ABFE to Host Fearless Fund Next Steps: PSOs, Advocacy, & Action Briefing
  • Forum and Partners Raise Awareness About Legislation Aimed at Sector
  • Public Policy and Advocacy Engagement Opportunities at #ForumCon24

Key News + Announcements

Forum + ABFE to Host Fearless Fund Next Steps Briefing

Matthew L. Evans and ABFE Speakers on Panel at FOTH 2024

With the ongoing legal challenge to the Fearless Fund’s grantmaking supporting women entrepreneurs of color, United Philanthropy Forum and ABFE, in close partnership with HIP, AAPIP, and NAP, are hosting a comprehensive briefing to help PSOs organize sector collaboration aimed at supporting equitable grantmaking practices and broader racial equity and justice work.

Register today for Fearless Fund Next Steps: PSOs, Advocacy, & Action, a briefing to be held on Monday, July 8th, 2-3 pm ET, which will provide a foundation for a critical ongoing conversation to be continued at the Forum’s conference.

The Fearless Fund Next Steps Briefing will feature important discussions, action items and include the following:

  • Opportunities for PSOs to collaborate with sector leaders and advocates in support of strategic legal actions, communications and messaging campaigns, and legislative advocacy work.
  • Key details about the possible effects this and similar lawsuits could have on sector programs that seek to advance racial equity and justice.
  • Potential legislative solutions, regulatory avenues, and sector mobilization efforts to counter these regressive trends and bolster philanthropic and nonprofit racial equity initiatives.

PSOs and their foundation networks are encouraged to register for this crucial and timely briefing.

If you have any questions about the briefing and/or actions the Forum is taking to counter recent attacks on racial equity and justice, feel free to contact Forum Senior Director of Public Policy Matthew L. Evans.

Forum and Partners Raise Awareness About Legislation Aimed at Sector

In May, United Philanthropy Forum joined partner organizations in sending a letter to the leaders of the House Ways and Means Committee expressing concerns about the potential impact recently introduced bills could have on the charitable sector.

The letter notes that H.R. 8290 and H.R. 8293 are nominally intended to safeguard elections, advance transparency, and protect the sector from abuse but could reduce charitable giving, create undue burdens on charities, and require public disclosures that could endanger individuals and communities.

Since issuing the letter, the Forum has led meetings on Capitol Hill with key staff in both the House and Senate, educating offices about the current work of the sector and potential harms of the legislation. Forum staff will continue to meet with staff in the coming weeks.

Read the letter and the Forum’s full write-up on this issue to learn more.

Data Trends for Giving and Donors Further Reinforce Need for Universal Charitable Deduction

Earlier this month, an analysis from the Urban Institute underscored that both the total number of donors and the total of donations decreased in 2022 and 2023.

This troubling trend emphasizes the importance of advocating for the Charitable Act, which would reinstate a universal charitable deduction (UCD). As individual giving is the largest source of charitable contributions for nonprofits, especially the smallest nonprofits, incentivizing giving through a UCD could help bolster funding for critical services in communities nationwide. 

To learn more, read the Forum’s brief for the Charitable Act and ask your representatives to co-sponsor and support the bill

PSO Resources + Updates

Forum Advocacy Network Logo with Graphic of US Capitol and Text Boxes

Public Policy and Advocacy Engagement Opportunities at #ForumCon24 

FOTH 2024 participants speaking and smiling

Among the many topics on the #ForumCon24 agenda are two valuable opportunities for Forum members to connect, learn, and engage in public policy and advocacy with their PSO colleagues from across the country.

Catalysts for Systemic Change: Philanthropy, Racial Justice, & Advocacy will take place July 16th, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm CT. During the session, sector leaders will explore a transformative approach in philanthropy, emphasizing the critical role of advocacy in achieving systemic change and racial equity, with PSOs and the Forum network being the catalysts for this work.

Another important touchpoint for attendees is the Public Policy Peer Community meeting, which will take place July 15th, from 2:30 – 4:45 pm CT. The meeting will kick off the community’s work for the second half of 2024, including a comprehensive overview of the Forum's public policy and advocacy efforts heading into election season. This session will provide members with the chance to share feedback on 2025 scenario planning, future programming, and PSO advocacy and skill-building opportunities.

Register today for the Forum’s Annual Conference and be sure to add these engaging sessions to your calendar!

National Nonprofits Request Workforce Data Funding in FY25 Appropriations

On June 13th, the Forum and roughly 30 national nonprofit organizations sent a letter to lawmakers calling for more timely workforce data on the charitable sector. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) regularly releases wage and employment data on nearly all other employers except for nonprofits, which have to purchase the information or wait five or more years for special BLS datasets.

The letter urges leaders of the Senate and House Appropriations Subcommittees on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies to provide funding in the FY25 appropriations bill for BLS to give the sector the same updated data that other employers get.

Download the letter and read for more details.

Resource Spotlight: Report Examines Racial Disparities in Federal Income Taxes

Last week, the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center (TPC) released a report that provides an overview of interactions between the federal individual income tax system and racial and ethnic disparities in the United States.

While the tax code may appear to be “race-blind,” the report demonstrates that tax benefits and liabilities depend on factors associated with race and ethnicity, including income, wealth, and various demographic characteristics.

Check out the full report, including potential policy alternatives for updating the tax code.

State + Local Public Policy News

New IL Laws Aim to Incentivize Charitable Giving, Attract and Retain College Graduates

Forefront and the Alliance of Illinois Community Foundations (AICF) commended the General Assembly for enacting the Illinois Gives Tax Credit Act and the Workforce Development Through Charitable Loan Repayment Act in the FY25 revenue omnibus (HB4951 / Public Act 103-0592).

Illinois Gives aims to incentivize up to $100 million in charitable giving over the next five years by authorizing a 25% state income tax credit for donations to community foundation endowments across the state. Additionally, the new Loan Repayment program seeks to use charitable dollars to attract and retain locally needed workers in Illinois communities.

Read the press release from Forefront.

CBPP Resource Tracks Fallout from State Tax Cuts

Given that more than half of states have cut income taxes for wealthy people and corporations, the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) released a new tracking resource, Tracking the Fallout of State Tax Cuts.

The regularly updated resource page covers the story as it unfolds and traces the impact of these decisions on critical goals like reducing income inequality, advancing racial equity, and protecting democracy.

Explore the resource page from CBPP.

Advocacy from Across the Forum Network

Philanthropy Ohio Learning Session on Reversing Decline in Nonprofit Advocacy

As part of a summer series, Philanthropy Ohio is hosting Understanding and Reversing the Decline of Nonprofit Advocacy, a learning session on July 9th.

Attendees will learn about the troubling research showing a decline in nonprofit advocacy and consider the next steps for the sector to ensure policymakers prioritize the needs and mission of charitable organizations and their communities.

Explore the learning series from Philanthropy Ohio.

Council of Mich. Foundations Members and Partners Hold Press Conference in Support of CTC

The Council of Michigan Foundations (CMF), along with several members and partner organizations, have been working to support bipartisan legislation that would restore the Michigan Charitable Tax Credit.

On May 31st, Kyle Caldwell, CMF, Ric DeVore, Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, and Kelley Kuhn, Michigan Nonprofit Association, held a virtual press conference to bring attention to an opportunity for state lawmakers to restore the tax credit and support the vital work nonprofits lead in communities.

Check out the press release from CMF.

Maryland Philanthropy Network, Partners Convened Summit Featuring Governor

Maryland Philanthropy Network (MPN) hosted a Child Poverty Summit on June 13th, in partnership with the William Julius Wilson Institute at Harlem Children’s Zone and featuring Governor Wes Moore (D-MD). Guests included philanthropic, corporate, and community leaders.

The program included a celebration of the passage of the historic ENOUGH Act and highlighted the opportunity to join forces with leaders committed to economic mobility and moving the needle for children in Maryland.

Learn more from the MPN event page.

Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees Respond to President Biden’s EO on Asylum

This month, Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR) released a statement in response to the White House’s Executive Order aimed at restricting asylum pathways. The statement concludes with a call to philanthropy:

“Today’s executive order underscores the need for philanthropy to double down on deep, long-term funding that supports the power-building and narrative change work necessary to counter these sorts of extreme policies. Instead, we must work to put the U.S. on a path to a more just immigration system.”

 Read the full statement from GCIR to learn more.

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