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Op-Ed: Philanthropy Must Understand Racism Is Not Dead

Friday, January 22, 2016
Tamara Lucas Copeland, President of Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers (a Forum member), writes an important opinion piece published by the Chronicle of Philanthropy on racism's continued existence in this country and how Washington Regional Associations of Grantmakers will lead the region's funders in a series of discussions about this issue. 
"But a growing number of grant makers in Washington have decided it’s important to challenge this notion, to recognize that the distinct, negative treatment of a group of people based solely on race is a major contributor to poverty and inequality in America. We believe that racism is rarely acknowledged or discussed by members of the public or within philanthropy. And we believe that until that silence ends, our region, and our country, won’t be able to take the steps needed to end racial inequities."
The six-month lecture series, Putting Racism on the Table, will convene philanthropic leaders and foundation trustees on topics such as structural racism, unconscious bias, and white privilege. Find out more about this learning series