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New Releases Roundup: November 2019

Monday, December 2, 2019

Latest Releases From the FieldCheck out the latest releases from around the nonprofit sector featuring items from Candid, Carnegie Corporation of New York, CHANGE Philanthropy, Croatan Institute, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy, Funders for LGBTQ Issues, International Funders for Indigenous Peoples, Minnesota Council on Foundations, Nonprofit Finance Fund, Peace and Security Funders Group, PEAK Grantmaking, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, The Center for Disaster Philanthropy, and The National Philanthropic Trust.

Our Members

Measuring The State of Diaster Philanthropy
Candid & Center for Disaster Philanthropy 
Disasters and humanitarian crises affected millions of people globally in 2017. This report and interactive dashboard provides an analysis of disaster-related funding by foundations, governments, corporations and individuals. The data presented here illuminates funding trends, exposes imbalances in where and when contributions are made, and can help donors make more strategic decisions about their investments in the full life cycle of disasters, including preparedness and recovery efforts.

2018 Diversity Among Philanthropic Professionals Report: A Tale of Two Sectors
Funders for LGBTQ Issues, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy & CHANGE Philanthropy
This new report and accompanying infographic explore diversity in the philanthropic workforce. Overall, the report finds a statistically significant difference in staff and board diversity between funders with a social justice focus and all other funders. This report lays out the results of the DAPP survey in aggregate form. Social justice foundations were much more likely to have higher representation of LGBTQ people, people of color, and people with disabilities on their staffs and board than other types of foundations.

Indigenous Defenders of Africa: A Briefing For Funders
International Funders for Indigenous Peoples
The use of the term “Indigenous Peoples” has historically been contentious in Africa. Many African States claim that all Africans in Africa are Indigenous. Many also argue that the use of the term “Indigenous Peoples” has negative connotations as it has been used in derogatory ways during European colonialism. This report highlights Africa’s indigenous people, the historical context behind the rights of indigenous people, challenges that they face and recommendations for funders to support them.

Giving Forum Fall 2019 Issue
Minnesota Council on Foundations
Minnesota Council on Foundations has released its latest issue of Giving Forum. This issue's theme is SHIFT, with articles on decolonizing power, the 2020 Census, examining power dynamics, the strength of a community, and so much more.

Peace and Security Funding Index & Map 
Peace and Security Funders Group
Through the Peace and Security Funding Index, Candid and the Peace and Secuity Funders Group aim to illuminate the field of peace and security grantmaking and provide a nuanced understanding of the issues and strategies peace and security funders support. The Index tracks funding for work to prevent future conflict, resolve existing conflict, and support stability and peace across 24 issue areas (e.g., peacebuilding, nuclear issues). It includes grantmaking by institutional funders, including private foundations, public charities, and community foundations. In addition to the Index, Peace and Security Group has created a Foundation Map which is a public tool that provides real-time, grants-level data for peace and security funders, including the U.S. Government. Together, the Index and Foundation Maps offer a comprehensive, current, and clear view of the peace and security funding landscape. 

Tying Practices to Values Resources
PEAK Grantmaking
Earlier this year, PEAK Grantmaking launched an initiative based on its white paper Courage in Practice: 5 Principles for Peak Grantmaking––to help transform the practice of philanthropy into the practice of principled grantmaking. PEAK has now released a suite of recommendations, tools, and resources to help grantmakers put principles into practice, starting with its first principle: Tie Practices to Values. 

The Field

Voting Rights Under Fire: Philanthropy’s Role in Protecting and Strengthening American Democracy
Carnegie Corporation of New York
The philanthropic community has worked alongside the government to protect voting rights for decades, but since a 2013 Supreme Court ruling eliminated key parts of the Voting Rights Act, there has been a dramatic increase across the country in barriers to voting. This report highlights opportunities for philanthropy to protect and strengthen U.S. democracy by providing badly needed investments in the country’s voting infrastructure, paying attention to these issues beyond election time, and joining with others to support litigation against illegal voting barriers.

Divest Invest Philanthropy: Five Years After
Croatan Institute
Since the launch of the DivestInvest movement in 2014, nearly two hundred foundations and philanthropic family offices have pledged to divest their assets, collectively worth $24 billion, from the largest oil-and-gas and coal companies listed on the Carbon Underground 200 list. According to this report, 94 percent of survey respondents said that the decision to drop the conventional carbon-intensive energy sector from their portfolios had had a "positive or neutral" impact on returns. The report also found that nearly all respondents (97 percent) now have 1 percent or less of their portfolio invested in fossil fuels, while two-thirds indicated that at least 5 percent of their portfolios were invested in climate solutions.

Addressing Racially Biased Financial Analysis
Nonprofit Finance Fund
Many social-sector funders that are committed to addressing racial equity don’t understand how their own practices exacerbate injustice. Common approaches to evaluating a nonprofit’s financial fitness – and “readiness” for a grant or loan – unwittingly reinforce divides and the communities that rely on them lose out. This chart offers a look at what’s wrong and specific actions funder scan take to more accurately understand a nonprofit’s strengths and opportunities.

Philanthropy in Higher Education: Priorities and Approaches of Private Foundations
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors partnered with the TIAA Institute to examine trends in private foundations giving to colleges and universities to support their postsecondary education strategies. This report is an expansion of a similar report published in 2017, titled Achieving Success in Postsecondary Education: Trends in Philanthropy (Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors and TIAA Institute 2017). It seeks to expand and test the trends discussed in the 2017 report by including foundations more varied in asset size, geographical focus, and type.

2019 Donor-Advised Fund Report
The National Philanthropic Trust
The 2019 Donor-Advised Fund Report examines 2014 through 2018 fiscal year data from 989 charities. For the ninth consecutive year, there was growth in all key metrics—number of individual donor-advised funds, total grant dollars from donor-advised funds to charitable organizations, total contributions to donor-advised funds and total charitable assets in them.