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New Releases Roundup: April 2021

Monday, May 3, 2021

Latest Releases From the FieldCheck out the latest resources from around the nonprofit sector featuring items from Asset Funders Network, Candid, CECP, Center for Effective Philanthropy, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, Hispanics in Philanthropy and Neighborhood Funders Group.

Member Resources

Funding Smarter: Using Candid Tools to Inform and Share Your Foundation’s Work
This course provides the crucial tools you need to be a more informed and effective grantmaker. Learn to use Candid’s mapping, data, and knowledge tools to better identify funding peers, potential grantee partners, identify funding connections and gaps, and learn from knowledge other funders have already shared.

Value Volunteering
This report has proven that people reward companies for high-quality workplace volunteering in terms of reputation, trust, and customer loyalty. Read the report to learn more about what goes into creating a successful program, both from the corporate and nonprofit side. 

Preparing for Strategic Review Process: Approaches and Reflections on Strategy Review Processes From 13 Private Funders 
Center for Effective Philanthropy
This paper summarizes the key findings from CEP’s efforts and offers a set of recommendations for funders planning their own strategy reviews. Many of the methods participants described may not be surprising, as they are used by many funders. Taken together, though, CEP hopes that these examples and recommendations can help funders more effectively, inclusively, and transparently plan and execute their strategy reviews.

Shifting the Evaluation Paradigm: The Equitable Evaluation Framework
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations and Equitable Evaluation Initiative 
This new joint publication encourages evaluation practitioners to consider long-standing beliefs and assumptions in their practice also with an overview of the EEI's Equitable Evaluation Framework™, which seeks to build a field of EEF Practice Partners to advance equity and expand notions of validity, objectivity and rigor — while also embracing the complexity of this work. This publication brings grantmakers into the process of shifting the knowledge paradigm that for so long has informed and bound the evaluation process and asks grantmakers to consider how they can shift their ways of thinking, knowing and being to challenge their evaluation practices.

Project M: Insights Discovery for Capacity Building
Hispanics in Philanthropy
Hispanics in Philanthropy’s Migration and Forced Displacement program collaborated with Civic House, Kubadili and Wingu to conduct a diagnostic study focused on the use of technologies, leadership and organizational adaptability, and financial sustainability and strengthening. The report shows the insights and the recommendations for the Capacity Building process in order to help grantee organizations expand and improve their operations and services.

Resourcing Rural Organizing Infrastructure: A New York Case Study
Neighborhood Funders Group
NFG’s Integrated Rural Strategies Group (IRSG) and Engage New York have partnered to commission a landscape scan of New York State's community organizing infrastructure to inform, connect, and mobilize funders to shift how philanthropy is resourcing rural communities. The report includes analysis of the role of rural communities in designing, implementing, and enforcing progressive statewide policy change; and a comprehensive set of recommendations for funders to resource this critical work.

Field Resources

From Relief to Resilience: Reimagining Investments
Asset Funders Network

This brief presents a framework and recommendations for funders that explicitly place racial and gender equity at the forefront. 

Children’s Savings Account Survey  of Private and Public Funding 2019
Asset Funders Network

Asset Funders Network's Children's Savings Account Survey of Private and Public Funding 2019 findings show strong and growing investment in CSAs, from both the private and public sectors, and collaboration across multiple sectors. Motivated to boost children’s educational access by building a college-going mindset early in life, private funders continue to play a critical role in the growth, innovation, and development of the CSA field.