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New Releases from the Field: April part 2

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Check out the latest releases from around the nonprofit sector featuring releases from Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia, D5, Foundation Center, and Campaign for Grade Level Reading.

Midpoint Snapshots (Campaign for Grade Level Reading)
This report provides compelling testimony that time, talent and sweat equity can make a difference, especially when energized by strong leaders and supported by smart investors. Now 240 communities strong, the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading can report progress on practically every measure that matters to its 2015 and 2016 milestones. More than a dozen states are on course to increasing substantially the number of children from low-income families reading on grade level. Several of them will make it. Others will come close. 

Sparking Solutions: Progress Report  (Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia)
At its 28th Annual Members' Meeting on April 6, Philanthropy Network released a brand new report on Sparking Solutions, its initiative to actively promote and foster collaborative philanthropy that improves conditions, creates opportunities and changes lives in Greater Philadelphia. Launched in 2013, Sparking Solutions embodies a simple yet powerful idea: funders have to work collaboratively, with each other and across sectors, to move the needle on critical challenges in the region. This progress report acknowledges the momentum this effort has gained across philanthropy in the region, reflects on what we have learned and considers the implications for how we can have even greater impact moving forward.

State of the Work: Stories from the Movement to Advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (D5 Coalition)
D5’s Final State of the Work highlights voices of leaders in the field who share their stories of change and progress.  Some are longtime advocates; some are newer enthusiasts. Each of them shares a perspective on what has worked and what challenges remain as they lead their institutions through changes to meet the demands of a new America. This final report catalogs the stories that tell of human impact and human struggle to create a more equitable philanthropy. 

Transparency Trends (Foundation Center)
This is a new interactive tool that helps foundations understand trends in online transparency and compare their own transparency practices to others. The tool pulls in and visualizes "Who Has Glass Pockets?" profile data and lets users explore the types of information foundations share via their websites; compare a specific foundation to a select peer group by region/asset/foundation type; or download a customized report detailing strengths and suggested improvements for a particular foundation. 

U.S. Foundation Funding for Australia (United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, Philanthropy Australia, and Foundation Center)
This report examines the priorities of U.S. foundation funding to organizations located in Australia, as well as funding for organizations supporting causes in Australia. It also presents perspectives of U.S. and Australian funders on the current role of philanthropy in Australia, specific challenges and opportunities, and what is needed to achieve greater impact.