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Latest Releases From the Field- Early February 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Check out the latest releases from around the nonprofit sector featuring items from The Sillerman Center for Advancement of Philanthropy, Open Impact and WINGS.

From the Field

Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive K-12 Schools: A New Call for Philanthropic Support
The Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy
This report makes the case for philanthropic investment in racially, culturally and socioeconomically diverse K-12 public schools. It offers an overview of work in this field, its evolution, its growing popularity, supportive research base and hopeful contemporary examples. The report provides a variety of paths for funders to support this work in ways that align with common philanthropic strategies and priorities. 

The Giving Journey: Guiding New Donors to Actualized Philanthropy
Open Impact
What motivates newly wealthy individuals and families to give? What barriers do they face in their giving? And how can we help these donors give more, more intentionally and effectively? In this new report, Open Impact examined these questions critical to understanding and amplifying individual giving. The report is based on conversations with 50 ultra-wealthy individuals—with $10 million to $1 billion in net assets—in the Bay Area. Unlike previous generations of philanthropists, these new donors tend to be younger, have more wealth to give away, and are choosing to do so within their lifetimes. They also carry the mindsets and tools from tech and business backgrounds into their philanthropy.

The Global Landscape of Philanthropy
From a description of various forms of individual giving to the growing importance of community philanthropy and structured, institutional giving, this report is an effort to bring back the diversity of the field of philanthropy worldwide, by drawing a comprehensive and provocative picture of current trends and challenges of the field. The report also raises some of the questions and issues most critical and central to its development – from technology and shrinking civic space to power dynamics within philanthropy practice and concepts, to the evolving role and form of philanthropy infrastructure.