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Latest Releases from the Field - Early November 2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Latest Reports from the FieldCheck out the latest releases from around the nonprofit sector featuring reports from The Bridgespan Group, Grants Managers Network, Urban Institute, Asset Funders Network, Building Healthy Places Network, Foundation Center, Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers, Putnam Consulting Group, and Philanthropy Southwest.

What Ambitious Donors Can Learn From The Atlantic Philanthropies’ Experience Making Big Bets
The Bridgespan Group
By the time The Atlantic Philanthropies closes its doors in 2020, it will have distributed $8 billion to advance opportunity and lasting change for disadvantaged and vulnerable people worldwide. This report looks at a number of big bets Atlantic made and how those achieved significant results. It also identifies four themes that ran through Atlantic’s work and outlines lessons learned to help other philanthropists in their big bet efforts.

Successful Structures: Blue Shield of California Foundation
Grants Managers Network
As a follow-up to its recently recently Successful Structures report, GMN is releasing a series of five planned case stories. The first highlights the work of Blue Shield of California Foundation, with an emphasis on using grants management to amplify organizational impact.

The New Debate over a Charitable Deduction for Nonitemizers
Urban Institute
The US tax system provides a deduction for charitable giving, but only for the 25 percent of taxpayers who itemize deductions on their tax returns. Accordingly, advocates for the charitable sector have at times proposed to extend a deduction to itemizers and nonitemizers alike. Today these proposals arise from a desire both to increase charitable giving and protect the incentive from being swept up in reforms that in limiting all deductions, without regard to their purpose or merit, would reduce charitable giving.

Prison to Proprietor: Entrepreneurship as a Re-entry Strategy; Narrowing the Racial Wealth Gap
Asset Funders Network
The formerly incarcerated face multiple obstacles and a lack of economic opportunity as they navigate re-entry. Business ownership and self-employment can play a crucial role in supporting formerly incarcerated individuals, particularly people and communities of color who are disproportionately affected by incarceration rates. AFN's latest Spotlight brief shows how the formerly incarcerated face multiple obstacles and a lack of economic opportunity as they navigate re-entry and examines the crucial role business ownership and self-employment plays in supporting formerly incarcerated individuals, particularly people and communities of color who are disproportionately affected by incarceration rates.

Summarizing the Landscape of Healthy Communities: A Review of Demonstration Programs Working Towards Health Equity
Build Healthy Places Network
What are the roles and responsibilities of philanthropy in building healthy communities? This report takes a look at this question by profiling 38 efforts around the country to advance healthier communities. The report explains how efforts to build healthier communities often involve “addressing complicated and multifaceted problems, and significant positive change in health outcomes may take decades to take shape.”

Risk & Philanthropy IssueLab
Foundation Center
IssueLab, a service of Foundation Center, has recently launched a special collection of resources about risk and philanthropy. The collection contains 70 reports, case studies, thought pieces, and more that speak to how philanthropic organizations talk — and don't talk — about the risks inherent to their work.

Structural Racism Theater
Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers
Based sardonically on Masterpiece Theatre, WRAG’s Structural Racism Theater introduces the viewer to concrete examples of structural racism and implicit bias. The first installment, “The Pernicious Compromise,” focuses on the timely topic of the Electoral College and its connection to the Three-Fifths Compromise.

Asking “What If?”: Using Research and Development as a Strategy to Achieve Dramatic Impact
Putnam Consulting Group
Achieving dramatic, lasting impact in the world of philanthropy is a complex task, but it begins with a simple question: What if? In this guide you will discover the meaning of Research & Development philanthropy, 12 of the most common practices for engaging R&D philanthropy, 5 mindsets necessary for meaningful and effective investments in R&D, and the role R&D philanthropy plays in smaller foundations.

2016 Giving Study: An Overview of Grantmaking by Private and Community Foundations in the Southwest
Philanthropy Southwest
Philanthropy Southwest has released its latest regional giving study of private and community foundations in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. The giving study found that foundation grantmaking in the region increased some 22.5 percent since the organization released its last study in 2014, while total assets grew 28.2 percent, to $92.5 billion. The report also found that since 2011, 604 new foundations have been established, representing nearly 10 percent of all foundations in the region and that all seven states in the region saw increases in foundation assets during the three-year period.