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The Importance of Speaking Up

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Forum Board Chair and Council of New Jersey Grantmakers President Nina Stack has a new post up at the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation's blog in which she addresses the need for philanthropy to engage legislators on public policy issues impacting the sector. Stack recounted her recent participation in the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce's“Walk to Washington,” an event at which business, policy, and social sector leaders discussed recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy.

"...As the speakers would count off all those different industries and groups that have been providing assistance, there was not one mention of philanthropy or nonprofits, the foundation community or the charitable sector. It was disappointing.  But it wasn’t surprising.  Why? Because we, as a sector, are terrible at communicating what it is we do. It is hard to boil down into a compelling sound bite the impact of philanthropy and why it matters.  But if there were ever a time to rise to the challenge it is now."

Stack goes on to encourage foundation leaders and regional associations to take the opportunity to share their story at this year's Foundations on the Hill. Read the full piece here.

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