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Hot Topics for RA Staff Members

Friday, June 6, 2014

Ever wonder what you're fellow regional association staff are thinking about right now? We can't read minds, but a quick look at our site's analytics reveals the top ten resources accessed most frequently resources by regional association staff across the last month. Take a look.

If you have anything you'd like to add to these resources, such as new sample documents developed by your regional, contact Dan Brady.

Sorry general public, for the most part, these resources are for Forum members only. Without further ado, on to the top ten!

Links to Membership Information, Eligibility, & Applications
A compilation of links to membership information, member eligibility, and membership applications on each regional association's website.

PolicyWorks Outreach Worksheet
This worksheet developed by the PolicyWorks for Philanthropy community can help regional associations develop strategies to reach policymakers.

Quovo Partnership
The Forum’s partnership with Quovo provides regional associations with the following benefits: 1) New Quovo clients who are members of a regional association receive 20% discounted off the first two years of their Quovo subscription, and 2) Regional associations receive 15% of the post-discounted annual subscription prices for the first and second years of Member Organizations’ subscriptions.

At some point or another, every regional association that does policy work wrestles with the need to build member support for that work. Such support can take many forms, from members thinking it’s a good thing that their association does work in this arena to serving on the public policy committee. Based on conversations, interviews and work with volunteer and staff leaders from a dozen regional associations actively involved in public policy, this guide provides ideas and examples regarding what works in building such support.
Membership surveys can help determine your members' perception of your organization, generate programming ideas, and yield a clearer picture of who you are serving. These sample surveys have been developed and implemented across the network.
Review the different sponsorship opportunities regional associations offer to raise money for their conferences and annual meetings. 
The Forum collects sample job descriptions and position advertisements for regional association staff, including communications, member services, operations, and executive positions.
View sample staff evaluation and self-appraisal forms for regional associations.
A collection of regional association member recruitment plans.
Sample leave-behind information for legislators developed by regional associations to equip their members with tools for engaging state and local candidates on the most important issues to philanthropy.
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