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Forum Launches New Lean, Keen, Producing Machines Peer Community

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Currently in its pilot phase, the Lean, Keen, Producing Machines Peer Community is for people working for Forum members that have five or less staff members. This is a space for these PSOs to connect, share and learn on how to maximize their strengths for greatest impact: LEAN: While lightly staffed, these PSOs must constantly be innovative, resourceful, and focus on impact in delivering their work; KEEN: These PSOs are strong, profound, powerful, and lively organizations focused on their mission and maximizing impact; PRODUCING MACHINE: These organizations must maximize unique staffing structures to produce results with sometimes less financial and staff resources to perform at the highest levels.

  • The listserv is intended for any and all staff working for your organization. Please share this information with your team.
  • Anyone interested in signing up for the listserv can do so on the Our Networks page of our website; just scroll to the bottom of the page (you must be logged in to sign up).
  • Once a person signs up for the listserv, they can post messages to the listserv using the email
  • Please make note of our general listserv policy.
  • One thing we need to move forward in 2020 with this group as an official Peer Community is to have two volunteer Co-Chairs. See the roles and responsibilities of a Co-Chair.

Interested in joining this Peer Community? Sign into your account and submit your email address on the form at the bottom of the Our Networks page

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